Jewish Unity

The Pollard Case is unprecedented in its uniting all the diverse groups within Judaism in a common cause. Time and time again all Jews from across the religious and political spectrum have set aside their differences and united in appeal for Jonathan Pollard. No other Jewish issue or cause has ever seen this kind of unbroken solidarity throughout the Jewish world.


The Joint Appeal By All Rabbinical Groups

The following list includes letters to President Clinton from the leaders of the four major Rabbinical associations in North America.

It was an unprecedented show of solidarity in support of the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard, that these four leaders of very different groups, representing millions of Jews, agreed to use the exact same text to demonstrate the unanimity of the Jewish people on this issue.

Also shown here is the official White House response: Clinton ignored both the appeals and the Rabbis' repeated requests to meet with him on this issue.

The Response of President Clinton

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