US Spying on Israel

Amit, Kielczynski and Others

American government documents released in 2004 reveal that the U.S. ran a spy in Israel who was a senior member of the Israeli Government. (See: Was There A Spy In the Israeli Government? - Hamodia)

This revelation once again put the lie to the U.S. insistence that Israel alone had betrayed a 'gentleman's agreement' between the two countries by running a spy in Washington. Other obvious contradictions had previously surfaced over the years, including the cases of IDF officer Yossi Amit, and Angie Kielczynski - both are Israelis who spied for the U.S.

Nevertheless, America never backed off of its orignial version of events and continues to this day to maintain Israel alone betrayed a sacred trust. The U.S. uses this as an excuse to justify the harsh treatment of Jonathan Pollard and the grossly disproportionate sentence he is serving. Israel has never repudiated the American lies which continue to keep Jonathan Pollard in prison.

This page focuses on articles about Amit and Kielczynski, and other Israelis who spied against Israel for the U.S.










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