Sept. 2, 2003 Court Date

This page contains articles and photographs of the September 2, 2003 court date on which Pollard's lawyers presented oral arguments regarding the current court case. (Click here to read the complete transcript of the Oral Arguments.)

Note that this court date was not a trial, an appeal, a retrial or an evidentiary hearing. It was simply another round of oral arguments on a case that began in 2000. Neither Pollard or anyone else testified. The oral arguments were only about whether Jonathan Pollard's case would be allowed to continue. It did not involve the merits of the case, or whether Pollard should be released.

On November 13, 2003, Chief Judge Thomas Hogan denied the motions submitted by Pollard's attorneys, who are planning an appeal. For additional information, please read the following articles:

Court Date Articles (2003)

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