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In an interview with FOX News Channel [09/15/00], Esther Pollard called the Wen Ho Lee Spy case, "the microcosm" and the Pollard case "the macrocosm."

The common elements of both cases include:

In the same interview, Mrs. Pollard noted that in the Wen Ho Lee case a federal judge had put an end to the executive branch's subversion of the judicial process after 9 months, by demanding that it either produce the evidence against Lee or drop its case. "But, in the Pollard case," she said, "to this day, no one has ever called a halt to the judicial inequities that have been perpetrated against my husband. No one has insisted that the Government either produce the evidence or let Jonathan go. Instead, from the start of this case, everyone - including the judge - knew exactly what was being done to my husband, and they all chose to look the other way."

For a thumbnail sketch of the Wen Ho Lee Case, see the article by Richard Cohen: Los Alamos 'Spy' Case Should Alarm Us All.

It should be noted that Cohen is appalled by Wen Ho Lee's 9 months in solitary confinement. He has yet to write about Jonathan Pollard's 7 years in solitary or his year in a prison facility for the criminally insane.

The point that has completely eluded journalists like Cohen and his colleagues is that the Wen Ho Lee case is a very condensed version of the Pollard case. Unfortunately the news media is still so suffused with the lies about Jonathan Pollard that have repeatedly been leaked by the American Government that it has not even noticed the obvious parallels.

Unlike Wen Ho Lee, Pollard continues to languish in prison in his 15th year of a life sentence.

Mrs. Pollard told FOX TV that in September 2000 Jonathan Pollard and his attorneys will file a lawsuit that "will make the Wen Ho Lee case look like small change."

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