David Boone

Pollard Scapegoated for the Crimes of David Boone and Other Soviet Spies

On December 18, 1998, an ex-NSA senior cryptologic traffic analyst, David Sheldon Boone, pled guilty in US District court in Alexandria VA, to having provided the Soviets with a 400-page manual listing all US reconnaissance programs and signal collection systems, on or about the time that Jonathan Pollard was sentenced. U.S. Government officials continue to lay the blame for Boone's crimes on Jonathan Pollard, even though they know full well that Jonathan Pollard did not have the clearances, the training or the ability to access the information that they accuse him of passing to the Soviets.

Boone, who was only recently arrested and tried, operated at the same time Pollard was sentenced. He, unlike Pollard was an expert in codes and signals, and possessed all of the necessary clearances to compromise such material.

Boone's 24 year sentence is substantially lighter than the Life Sentence received by Jonathan Pollard.




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