Yediot: Rafi Eitan: Shimon Peres Ordered Betrayal of Pollard

Justice4JPnews Release - November 10, 2012

Feature Title: Rafi Eitan to Pollard: Sorry, Jonathan, for Betraying You to the US

Eitan recounts in Yediot Achronot interview: "I handed over evidence to the US to incriminate Pollard, ordered to do so by the Government of then PM Shimon Peres"

The Committee for Pollard: "What was, was. The only thing that matters now is that President Peres act without delay to secure the release of Jonathan Pollard before it is too late.

In an interview published in Israel on Friday (Nov.9 2012) in the leading daily "Yediot Achronot" Pollard's former handler, Rafi Eitan reveals for the first time how he personally handed over incriminating evidence to the Americans, knowing full well it would be used against his agent, Jonathan Pollard. He claims he had no choice because he was ordered to do so by the government of Shimon Peres who was prime minister at the time.

"It was not an easy moment," recalls Eitan, "The government made the decision, and I cooperated with the Americans against my agent; the Americans knew who I was; they knew my reputation. When I testified I felt a storm of powerful emotions. I had a deep sense that I should not be talking to the Americans about this operation, that they are certainly not interested in Pollard's welfare. Nevertheless, I am a disciplined soldier and I have never acted in opposition to my government, I cooperated, even if my own conscience thought that I ought to act otherwise."

J4JP notes that Israel has the dubious distinction of being the only nation in the history of modern espionage to cooperate in the incrimination and indictment of its own agent. This has never occurred before Pollard, nor has any nation been so morally bereft of responsibility towards an agent since Pollard.

In spite of this open admission and the shocking truth it confirms, sources close to Pollard are not rushing to battle stations. "While it is impossible not to be shocked to the core by this interview which confirms for the first time that Israel actively assisted in the prosecution of its agent", says The Committee Chairman ,Nissan GanOr, neither we nor Pollard are interested in dredging up the past. The only thing that matters now is that The only thing that matters now is that President Peres act without delay to secure the release of Jonathan Pollard before it is too late. Peres is now in the most appropriate position and has the requisite international influence to bring a swift and immediate end to this outrageous tragedy that has gone on far too long."

As well, American officials who are involved in the fight to secure Pollard's release believe that Peres is the at this time the right person to add the critical final push to a case for justice that has enormous support from all quarters in America and Israel. "President Obama appreciates President Peres", said Rabbi Pesach Lerner who spearheads the campaign for Pollard in the US. "Peres has impress upon Obama that the continued incarceration of Pollard is deeply troubling to him and cannot be ignored. An immediate, serious appeal by Peres to Obama would dramatically increase the likelihood that Pollard will be released while he is still standing on his feet."

On November 21st 2012, Jonathan Pollard begins his 28th year of an unjust life sentence. The median sentence for the offense he committed is 2 to 4 years. Pollard is serving an unlimited life sentence.

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