Pollard Asks to Visit 'Dying' Father

Jonathan Pollard's father is in serious condition, according to Pollard's wife Esther.

Gil Ronen - Arutz7/IsraelNationalNews - June 11, 2011

"Emergency phone call from Jonathan today," Esther Pollard said in an email message tonight. "He was crying. He was crying so much it was hard to understand. Now I am crying too."

"He told me he got an emergency phone call from his brother Harvey to tell him that his Dad is dying... they do not know if he will even make it through the day.

"This was totally unexpected and a great shock.

"Dad was in fairly good health. He is old but in very good shape. So what happened? He got a bladder infection. They gave him antibiotics for the infection, but something went wrong and his whole body went into some kind of septic shock. All his organs are shutting down.

"Harvey, Jonathan's brother, arranged with the prison to allow Jonathan to have an emergency phone call with his Dad today. Dad was too weak to speak. Harvey held the phone for him. Jonathan told his Dad how much he loves him and that he has always loved him and always will. He spoke with his Dad to thank him for all he taught him and for the wonderful years they had together. He blessed his father to go in peace and surrounded by the good deeds he has done all his life.

"His voice broke when he told his Dad how sorry he is that their hopes and dreams of being together in freedom didn't come true. He got all choked up and told his Dad that when he gets to Heaven to please kiss his Mom for him as well and to tell her how much he loves her and misses her too.

"He blessed his father all the blessings in the world. Then Harvey took the phone. Jonathan asked him, "Did Dad hear me? Did he understand what I was saying." And Harvey responded that Dad certainly did!

"How do you know," asked Jonathan. "By the expression on his face, said Harvey, "and because he didn't stop trying to kiss the telephone receiver as you were speaking!"

"Jonathan pleaded with me to do what ever we can to get help, to get him out of there on compassionate grounds so that he can be with his father in his last minutes on earth. I told Jonathan I would try.

Esther Pollard went on:

We are appealing to the Government of Israel to become actively involved now, without delay, to make an official request to the American Government to give Jonathan compassionate relief and to follow up with what ever steps are necessary to make it possible for to be at his father's side now, while he still lives.

When Jonathan's beloved mother died, he never got to say goodbye. We are appealing to the Government of America, to open its heart. To have compassion and let Jonathan have these final moments with his father. To make it possible for Jonathan to kiss his father one last time and to say good bye in person this time.

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