Photo: Look closely at the soldier's kipa!

Justice4JPnews - December 20, 2009

David Siegal of Yakir enclosed the attached photo in a letter he sent to Jonathan Pollard: a picture of his soldier son, Levy, receiving his purple Beret. "Look closely at his kipa," David wrote to Jonathan. Jonathan looked at the photo and was amazed to his own "reg number" (inmate prison number) embroidered in large bold numbers on Levy's kipa: #09185-016:


David, explained in his letter to Jonathan that both he and Levi wear Jonathan's reg number on their kipas in solidarity. He wrote that the reg number arouses curiosity and when people ask, it gives them the opportunity to educate others and to generate prayer and concern for Jonathan.

Jonathan was deeply touched by this gesture. He asked his wife to contact David and see if she could obtain a copy of the photo of his reg number on Levi Siegal's Kipa. As you can see, David gladly obliged.

David explained to Esther, that his daughter, Rivki Rosenfeld, crocheted the distinctive kipas with Jonathan's reg number. He promised to secure the pattern for J4JP so that others may also crochet Jonathan's reg number on to their kipas and join this wonderful awareness and solidarity campaign.

Crochet pattern to follow in a separate email, or readers may find it on the J4JP website. J4JP encourages everyone who is able to crochet to make a Pollard reg number kipa and give it to someone you love. Ken yirbu!

At a speech she gave last week at the Gush Katif Museum, Esther Pollard told the story of Levy Siegal's kipa with Jonathan's reg number on it. She used the anecdote to illustrate how there is something that everyone can do to help Jonathan -- all it takes is the will to help and some creative thought!

Yashar koach gadol -- hearty thanks and appreciation to the Siegal and Rosenfeld families! May there be many more!

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