Pollards' Preliminary Response to the Lindenstrauss Report

Statement of Esther Pollard
J4JPnews Update - September 3, 2009

The Lindenstrauss report is a sham which uses the due process issue as a smoke screen to obscure the criminal negligence of successive governments of Israel towards Jonathan Pollard.

It is a well known fact that Jonathan did not receive due process. All of the supporting legal documents are on our website, which where Kenneth Mann accessed them. Mann and Lindenstrauss are aware that Jonathan has exhausted all legal remedies in America, yet they disingenuously recommend that Jonathan have a retrial in the US.

The American government has successfully blocked Jonathan from ever bringing his case back to court in the US, so announcing that he has been deprived of due process is a nonstarter. Moreover, this issue has no place in a report that purports to be investigating efforts by the government of Israel to bring about Jonathan's release.

Lindenstrauss and his ilk are simply one more branch of the Israeli government doing a whitewash of the government's failure to take the most minimal steps to bring Jonathan home. The report (what little of it has been made public) shifts responsibility for Jonathan (an Israeli agent) away from the Government of Israel and on to Jonathan himself, as a private American citizen. It is an ugly piece of propaganda.

From the time that he took office, Prime Minister Netanyahu has made sure that Jonathan Pollard is completely cut off from all Government contact and support. Totally orphaned. Bibi and Barak (with Peres' assistance) appear to have teamed up to bury Jonathan alive, again. The Lindenstrauss report is a useful device towards this end. It is cleverly crafted to convince the public that nothing can be done to bring Jonathan Pollard home. It goes so far as to advise that we, the Pollard family, seek help from private agencies in the US, not Israel. Is this the way to treat an agent in peril, after

25 years in prison


It should be noted, that neither Lindenstrauss nor his staff ever met with Eliot Lauer and Jacques Semmelman, Jonathan's American attorneys, though the report gives the impression that they did.

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