Ron Arad's Family Presses for Gov't Action

David Rudge - The Jerusalem Post - Oct. 16, 2005

The family of missing IAF navigator Lt.-Col. Ron Arad is pressing for information regarding his fate on the 19th anniversary of his capture after ejecting from his plane over Lebanon.

Arad's brother, Chen, told reporters on Sunday that the family expected the establishment to do its utmost to uncover the truth regarding Ron's fate and whereabouts because he was not sent to Lebanon on holiday, but on a military mission from which he did not return.

Reliable information regarding his fate was supposed to have been part of the second phase of a German-brokered accord with Hizbullah that led to the return to Israel of Lt.-Col. (res.) Elhanan Tannenbaum and the bodies of three soldiers, kidnapped in a Hizbullah ambush in the Mount Dov region in October 2000.

The second stage of the accord has yet to be implemented despite the offer of a $ 10 million reward for concrete information over the fate and welfare of Ron Arad.

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