Jonathan Pollard Urges Support of Soldier who Refused to Beat Jews

J4JP Release - June 27, 2005

Contact Information for Avi Bieber:
SMS messages: 0544-838-428

Jonathan Pollard sent a message of support today to Avi Bieber, the young soldier who was arrested yesterday for refusing to carry out orders requiring him to beat fellow Jews who had come to protest the Army's destruction of structures in Gaza.

At Jonathan's request, Esther Pollard spoke with Avi Bieber's mother at home in Tekoa by telephone this morning, and then with Avi at his base by cell phone. Avi will be subjected to a military disciplinary hearing, which he has just learned will take place behind closed doors.

Esther told Bieber that Jonathan urges him to be strong and to know that any punishment that he receives is Kiddush Ha'Shem; that he should remember throughout the hearing that he is being punished for the honorable deed of protecting Jews. Ashrei horav! Blessed are the parents of such a son!

Bieber is from a traditional Jewish family which made Aliyah to Israel from the U.S. nine years ago. Bieber stated that his family did not come to Israel to brutalize fellow Jews. According to the most recent Hebrew news reports, dozens of soldiers who took part in the fracas yesterday in Gush Katif have expressed their dismay and have vowed that if called upon to do this type of action against Jews again, they will refuse:

According to Arutz7 news today:

( According to Datiah Yitzchaki, the chairperson of the Kela Authority for absorption in Gaza Jewish communities, Avi Bieber was not alone when he vocally and decisively refused orders to demolish buildings, and evict the Jews who came to protect them, near Shirat Hayam yesterday. Others took up more passive resistance.

Yitzchaki told Arutz-7 Radio today, "We know of other soldiers who demonstratively stood off to the side, some with tears in their eyes. Despite the pain in seeing houses demolished, we also saw positive signs yesterday."

J4JP Adds:

Here is the transcript of Avi Bieber's comments, courtesty of IMRA, which were recorded at the scene and aired on Israel TV's MABAT news last night:

TRANSCRIPT - MABAT News - June 26, 2005

Off camera:

You refuse an order?


Refuse an order.

Off camera:

Refuse an order, my brother?



Off camera:

What happened?


Jews are being beaten here! That's what's happening!

Off camera:

Where are you from, what's your name?


Avi Bieber. I live in the Tekoa community and this isn't right! This isn't right and this isn't justice!

(end of transcript)

Jonathan Pollard urges readers to send a message of support to Avi Bieber. He deserves to know that his actions are the best reminder: Jews do not beat Jews!

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