Pollard And Kim: Spot The Differences

Arutz7 - June 10, 2004

Robert Kim, a Korean-American who spied for a U.S. ally - South Korea - was released from American prison last week, after serving seven years of his nine-year sentence. Supporters of Jonathan Pollard note that Pollard was convicted of virtually the same offense, yet received a life sentence without parole.

The Korean community believes that the Israeli government stands solidly behind Jonathan Pollard and has done more for him than the Korean government did for Kim. "Behind the scenes, I think they [the Korean government] tried to help," Kim's brother, an assemblyman with South Korea's ruling party, was quoted as saying in the LA Times, "but compared to the Israeli government, the Korean government was relatively passive."

The Justice for Jonathan Pollard organization, however, states that in fact the opposite is true. "For example, while the Korean Ambassador made monthly prison visits to Kim," the organization states, "in 19 years, Jonathan Pollard has never once received a visit from the Israeli Ambassador - the most minimal gesture of support a country can offer an agent. The public perception of Israel's involvement with Jonathan Pollard is largely the result of anti-Semitic media spin that, for years, has portrayed Israel and the American Jewish Community as pushy and nervy for trying so hard to free a spy. The portrayal of their alleged efforts on his behalf is belied by the fact that Jonathan Pollard is in his 19th year of a life sentence with no end in sight."

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