Capture of Saddam Hussein Bittersweet Victory

Arutz7 News - December 14, 2003

( - Despite the welcome announcement of the apprehension of Saddam Hussein earlier today, the feeling in Israel cannot be anything but bittersweet.

The arrest of Saddam marks the end of a regime of terror and mass murder, removing the once major threat of non-conventional weaponry being used against Israel as well as against American interests in the area.

Nevertheless, Jonathan Pollard remains incarcerated in an American prison while Prime Minister Ariel Sharon places his release on a low burner, apparently unwilling to exasperate relations with the White House. Pollard took the risks and warned Israel, providing information that has since proven 100% accurate, information that assisted both Israel and the United States.

Despite granting him citizenship and admitting Pollard was an Israeli agent, the current administration is unwilling to ruffle any feathers on Capitol Hill to obtain his release, but appears willing to turn its back on a soldier in captivity, abandoning him in the field.

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