Special Order of Prayers to Save Jonathan Pollard

At the Western Wall, Remnant of Our Holy Temple,
4 Sivan 5763 June 4, 2003
issued by His Eminence, HaRav Mordecai Eliyahu, shlita

Justice4JP Release - June 10, 2003



Translation of Special Prayer for Jonathan Pollard

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May it be Your will HaShem, our G-d and G-d of our forefathers, that with the might of the twenty-two letters of Your Holy Torah, which we received at Mount Sinai, that You open the Heavenly Gates for Yehonatan Ben Malka: the Gates of Healing and Cures; the Gates of Health; the Gates of Joy; the Gates of Redemption; the Gates of Freedom; the Gates of Splendor and Glory; the Gates of Merit; the Gates of Compassion; the Gates of Gladness; the Gates of Goodness; the Gates of Salvation; the Gates of Atonement; the Gates of Good Heartedness; the Gates of Forgiveness; the Gates of Pleasantness; the Gates of Reliance; The Gates of Assistance; the Gates of Liberty; the Gates of Righteousness; the Gates of Holiness; the Gates of Mercy; the Gates of Happiness; and the Gates of Return. May all of the righteous deeds he has done for the Nation of Israel be remembered before You and may they rise before Your Throne of Mercy to plead for good for him; and may he be granted the merit, along with his wife, Esther Yocheved bat Rayzl Bracha, to build a Faithful Home in Israel; and may they be blessed with whole and healthy sons and daughters, and Your Name will be Sanctified publicly! May the verse "Take me out of confinement to praise Your Name" (Psalms 142) be fulfilled for him! Do so for the sake of Your Right Hand; do so for the sake of Your Righteousness; do so for the sake of Your Holiness; do so for the sake of Your Divine Presence; do so for Your own Name's Sake; do so for the sake of Your Torah. May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your Presence, Eternal! my Rock and my Redeemer!

Transliteration of Special Prayer for Jonathan Pollard

Prefacing Notes

  1. All single vowels are short vowel sounds. Long vowels are shown doubled or followed by "y" as per English phonics. All letters G and C are long. For example: "g" as in "go"; "c" as in "cat." The Hebrew letter "`chet" is represented by the combination `ch. For example: the word "blessed" would be rendered as "ba-ru`ch"
  2. Highlighted caps below indicate that the blessings correspond to the "22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet of the Holy Torah which the Jewish People received at Mount Sinai."

Phonic Transliteration of Special Prayer for Jonathan Pollard

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Yi-hee ra-tzon mee-li-fan-eh-`cha HaShem Elo-kay-nu v'Elo-kay Avo-tay-nu, sheh B`ch-oa-a`ch shtaii-eem vih ess-reem ohtee-yoht toraht-`cha ha'kdosha sheh kee-bal-nu B' Har Sinai, teev-ta`ch L'Yehonatan ben Malka Shar-ray


roo-`cha oo 'mar-pay; Shar-ray


ree-oot; Shar-ray


-eela; Shar-ray


eula; Shar-ray


ror; Shar-ray




'hadar; Shar-ray


e`choot; Shar-ray `


hem-la; Shar-ray `


hed-va; Shar-ray


ova; Shar-ray


e-shoo-a; Shar-ray


a-par-ah; Shar-ray


ev tov; Shar-ray


ih-`chee-la; Shar-ray


ih-ee-mot; Shar-ray


'mee`cha; Shar-ray


zra; Shar-ray


'doot; Shar-ray T


daka; Shar-ray


'doo-sha; Shar-ray


a`cha-meem; Shar-ray


im`cha; Shar-ray


'shoo-va. V'yee- za`ch-roo lih-fan-e`cha kol tzid-ko-tav asher assah l'mahn Ahm Yisrael, v'ya-loo leef-nay kee-say ra`cha-me`cha l'ham-leetz tov ba'a-doh ool'zack-oht-toh ya`chad eem eesh-toh, Esther Yocheved bat Rayzl Bracha, leev-noht bayt neh'emahn b'Yisrael; v'yeez-koo lih ban-neem oo-lih-vanoht bree-eem oo shlay-meem, v'yeet-kadesh sheem`cha b'ra-beem. V'yeet-kaii-yehm boh ha-pass-ook ho-tzee-ah mee maz-gair naf-shee l'ho-doht l'sheem-`cha. Assay l'mahn yih-meen-e`cha, assay l'mahn tzeed-kat-te`cha, assay l'mahn k'doo-shat-e`cha, assay l'mahn sh-`chee-nat-`cha; assay l'mahn shmay-`cha; assay l'mahn toraht-e-`cha. Y'hee-yoo l'rah-tzon eem-ray fee, v'heg-yon lee-bee l'fan-`echa, HaShem tzoor-ee v'go'al-lee.

List of Tehillim (Psalms) In Sequence to Accompany
"Special Prayer for Jonathan Pollard"

(Click here for all Psalms listed below in original Hebrew)

Tehillim / Psalm Number:

  1. Psalm 120
  2. Psalm 121
  3. Psalm 122
  4. Psalm 123
  5. Psalm 124
  6. Psalm 125
  7. Psalm 126
  8. Psalm 127
  9. Psalm 128
  10. Psalm 129
  11. Psalm 130
  12. Psalm 131
  13. Psalm 132
  14. Psalm 133
  15. Psalm 134
  16. Psalm 119 - Only Paragraphs corresponding to the letters of Jonathan's Hebrew name "Yehonatan": Yod, Heh, Vav, Nun,Tav, Nun
  17. Psalm 142
  18. Psalm 143
  19. Psalm 119 - Only Paragraphs corresponding to the letters of "Eretz Yisrael": Aleph, Resh, Tzadi, Yod, Shin, Resh, Aleph, Lamed

End with Special Prayer For Jonathan Pollard

(Click here for Hebrew.)

J4JP Final Note

J4JP encourages everyone to say to say the short one page Special Prayer for Jonathan Pollard daily and the four-page order of prayers as often as you can. The short prayer can be included in the Shemona Esrei daily prayers or said any time at all. (English translation and transliteration above). Ladies are encouraged to say it when they light Sabbath candles. Men are asked to please print out a copy of the Hebrew original (tif file on the web) and take it to Synagogue with you. Request that a prayer for Jonathan Pollard (the above recommended) be included as a "misheberach" every time the Torah is read. In the merit of the Mitzvah of Pidyan Shvuyim, may the Almighty hear and answer all of our prayers to the good! May He speedily redeem Jonathan and all of Israel with grace, loving-kindness and mercy, in the wink of an eye! Amain!