Pollard Responds to Minister Naveh Again Calling for Truth


: Minister Dani Naveh


: January 3, 2001

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Dear Dani,

My late mother, G-d rest her soul, taught me that when confronted with his own folly, an honorable man makes amends, whereas a man without honor defends the error of his ways.

While I thank you for admitting in your response to me (Jan. 1/02) that you have no official responsibility for my case, your attempt to defend the way in which you have deceived me is offensive.

In truth, Dani, you deceived the entire Pollard team, encouraging us all to believe that you were the minister in charge of the case. You never indicated to me, to my attorney or to my wife that your interest or your efforts were only "personal" and not part of your ministerial responsibilities.

For example, though you repeatedly promised to visit me in prison, each time you came to the U.S. you found another excuse not to, and promised "next time." Why didn't you just tell the truth - as you recently admitted to my attorney - that you are not authorized to visit me? Had you told the truth, it would have been obvious that you are not in charge of my case. But of course that was exactly what you did not want us to know.

Spare me the protestations of innocence: you misled the Israeli media just as you misled me and my attorneys. You publicly played a key role in the recent efforts by the Government to buy me off with $2 million dollars blood money. The Ministry of Defense and the Prime Minister's office referred all media inquiries to your office. You took their calls and willingly encouraged this deception, thereby aiding and abetting Mr. Sharon's evil plan to leave me to rot in prison.

And by the way Dani, if you were merely a private person, and not the guy carrying Sharon's water, why did you refuse to sign my attorney's and Rechavaam Ze'evi's petition to the Prime Minister? You claimed you had to ask the Prime Minister's permission to participate in this initiative. Why is it that no other cabinet minister needed to do so?

And how is it that when you met with my attorney or leaders such as Rabbi Pesach Lerner, or members of the Jerusalem-based Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home, you promoted the perception that indeed you have ministerial responsibility for my case?

And why do the other cabinet ministers (including the late Rechavaam Ze'evi, and most recently Uzi Landau) also believe this notion that you have cabinet responsibility for the Pollard case? If Mr. Sharon has falsely promoted that impression, why have you never publicly put the lie to it? Silence signifies consent.

Dani, it is kind of you to profess to care so deeply about me. But the fact remains that, wittingly or unwittingly, you have lent yourself to a charade which assists PM Sharon in an immoral bid to leave me languish forever in prison.

In short, Dani, deceiving the public, the media, and the rest of the cabinet is bad enough; but to deceive me - an Israeli agent in peril - is beyond the pale. What hurts the most Dani, is the damage this has done to the esteem I felt for you as a trusted friend.

Dani, I ask you to act with honor. Tell the truth to the People of Israel. Do not be complicit in the Prime Minister's nefarious intention to let me die in prison. The Prime Minister feigns concern for me as he continues to ignore every opportunity to rescue me. Tell the truth, Dani. G-d and History are watching, and I am still waiting.

Yours truly,

Jonathan Pollard

cc Larry Dub, Esq.

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