American Who Spied for Cuba Sentenced to 7 years in Prison

The Virginia Pilot, January 30, 2000


- A confessed member of a spy ring was sentenced to 7 years in prison for attempting to infiltrate a U.S. military installation in Florida for the Cuban government. Alejandro Alonso, a U.S. citizen born in Des Moines, Iowa, was the first member of a group to be sentenced. He had pleaded guilty to being an agent for a foreign country. Five others await sentencing..

He was one of 10 people arrested in September 1998 in connection with the spy ring. Four others were added to the list of defendants in May, 1999.

Prosecutors said the ring tried to infiltrate the U.S. Southern Command and planted an agent at the U.S. Navy's Boca Chica Naval Air Station near Key West.

Justice4JP Note:

Cuba, unlike Israel, is a hostile nation. It is considered in the same category of hostile nations as Libya, and Iraq. The recent sentencing of a spy for a hostile nation (Cuba) to only 7 years, while Jonathan Pollard who spied for America's closest ally (Israel) continues to rot in jail in his 15th year of an unlimited life sentence is yet another blatant example of the absence of equal justice in the Pollard case.

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