Media Release - Jonathan Pollard and "The Quality of Mercy"

(How Much Remorse is Enough?)
May 3, 1996

The canard that Jonathan Pollard has not expressed sufficient remorse'* to merit equal justice continues to be an excuse for some and an opportunity for others.

It is an open-ended


for those who choose not to take any responsibility for rectifying a "fundamental and complete miscarriage of justice" (Appeals Court Judge Steven Williams).

It is an


to keep moving the goal posts: for no matter how often or how heartwrenchingly Jonathan Pollard expresses remorse,

it is never enough.

Three Prime Ministers and two Presidents of the State of Israel have made repeated personal appeals to secure the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard. Israel has extended citizenship to Jonathan Pollard and is willing to accept full responsibility for his actions, both now and in the future.

Between close friends and allies, that ought to be enough.

What is it going to take for the President of the United States to understand that there is no reason that justifies the denial of equal justice to Jonathan Pollard?

* Quote attributed to President Clinton, Kol Yisrael Radio, 2/5/96.