Jonathan Pollard's Wife Responds to Douglas M. Bloomfield

April 9, 1996 - Moment Magazine

According to my husband, Jonathan Pollard, the name of Douglas M. Bloomfield appeared on a list which was shown to him when he was arrested. The list consisted of American Jews who were considered to be "security risks" and who were under suspicion of aiding Israeli intelligence-gathering efforts in the United States. Although Jonathan was asked to implicate Bloomfield as a co-conspirator in his case, he steadfastly refused to do so.

It is therefore ironic that the same Douglas M. Bloomfield today targets Jonathan Pollard as the root cause of renewed anti-semitism in the Defence and Intelligence establishments of the United States. In his personal and vitriolic attack on my husband, Mr. Bloomfield misses the point than Jonathan Pollard is a


of that very anti-semitism, not a cause. That same anti-semitism which now casts suspicion on the reliability of the American Jewish community was also responsible for the grossly disproportionate sentence meted out to Jonathan to begin with.

Jonathan Pollard, and the gross miscarriage of justice his case represents, is merely a vehicle through which anti-semitic elements within the American government manifest their ongoing hatred of Israel and the American Jewish community. As long as Jonathan's case is allowed to fester as an open wound on the American body politic, there will be no relief for the American Jewish community, either. No matter how desperate certain individuals like Mr. Bloomfield seek to deflect the blame onto Jonathan, it will not mitigate the fact

Jonathan Pollard and the American Jewish community are being discriminated against. Justice has yet to be rendered.

Only by insisting on justice for Jonathan Pollard can the American Jewish community reassert its right to be treated equally before the law. By doing so, the Jewish community would reclaim its equal standing and would be in a position to definitively repudiate this latest political blood libel.

In the meantime, Mr. Bloomfield's use of twisted logic and scapegoating to encourage the abandonment of Jonathan Pollard to his fate, not only undermines Israeli Government policy but also undermines the American Jewish community's call for equal justice while playing right into the hands of anti-semites!