Pollard Married In Prison

May 25, 1994 - Ma'ariv

From behind prison bars at the Federal Correctional Institute in Butner, North Carolina, Jonathan Pollard recently married his fiancee, Esther (Elaine) Zeitz.

"Jonathan and I want to announce our marriage," the new bride, Zeitz told Ma'ariv. "We were married in a private ceremony which we arranged during one of my visits to him at Butner. Our original intention was to keep this a private matter between us and not to publicize it, but circumstances have compelled us to share our secret with the world."

Zeitz, a strong Zionist, based in Toronto, has for the last number of years headed the movement on behalf of Pollard in Canada.

At the end of last week, Zeitz visited Pollard in prison. The couple decided to put an end to their long silence and to come out publicly against forces which are trying, according to the couple, "

to silence Pollard at all costs


"There is a small but powerful coalition of forces working, as it were, towards Jonathan's release, who continuously seek to silence Jonathan in order to further serve their own self-serving agendas. In the meantime,

they are burying Jonathan alive

," she said.

On the weekend, Jonathan told his wife, "No one can question the legitimacy of a man's wife fighting on his behalf.

The time has come for the world to know you are my wife!