Rabbinic Letter Pleads for 'Clinton Compassion" for Pollard

Dr. Barry Dov Schwartz, Rabbi

December 30, 1993

President Clinton
Fax: 202 456 2461

Dear Mr. President

One year ago three rabbis visited Jonathan Pollard in his cell while he was held in solitary confinement at Marion Federal Penitentiary. We spent five hours talking with him and listening to him. We left emotionally drained from this visit. We were with a man who was wholly regretful for the crime he had committed. At no time did Jonathan Pollard ever express to us anything but remorse. Throughout our conversation, he reiterated his folly in not seeking guidance before taking action. Motivated solely by a passionate love for Israel, he stressed that he was not a hero and wants to make sure that no one ever holds him up as a role model. Jonathan Pollard considers himself an American through and through: "I love this country and I convinced myself that nothing I did would be of any harm to our country's security."

True, he was paid for (operational expenses) for his spying activities but anyone who knows Jonathan Pollard knows that money was not what motivated him. His obsession with Israel's survival was his only concern.

As of late there has been a lot of "spinning in the newspapers about Jonathan Pollard's lack of remorse and his continuous threat to our country's security. No proof has been forthcoming for the latter. Anyone familiar with Jonathan Pollard personally or through his writing knows that he stands today totally repentant, highly remorseful, and sincerely committed not to engage in any activity which would be harmful to America.

As we approach a New Year, we pray that you will exercise "Clinton Compassion."


Dr. Barry Dov Schwartz, Rabbi