News About Pollard: A Cautionary Note

Justice4JPnews - July 20, 2015

A spate of hastily-written, poorly-researched and deeply inaccurate news reports about the status of Jonathan Pollard which have been published lately do a disservice to Jonathan Pollard and to readers. Judicious readers should be cautious not to allow their understanding of the Pollard case to be tainted by unfounded speculation and utter nonsense.

A case in point: recently, a widely-circulated report by the Israeli online news source YNET was so riddled by gross distortions and outright errors as to be more fantasy than fact.

A dead give-away of how deeply flawed the article was, was YNET's pompous assertion that Pollard received and is serving " a 30 year sentence". Nonsense!

As is well known, Pollard is serving a LIFE SENTENCE! If Pollard were serving a 30 year sentence, mandatory parole would have occurred 10 years ago!

This was just one of many serious errors in a deeply flawed YNET "news" report which unfortunately was imitated and reprinted by others.

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