Segula: Psalm 13 Today for the Release of Jonathan Pollard

Justice4JPnews - June 30, 2015 - 13 of Tammuz 5775

Say Psalm 13, 13 Times for 13 days

Please say the very short

Psalm 13

today, 13 times on the 13th of Tammuz (June 30th) before nightfall for the release of Jonathan Pollard (Yehonatan ben Malka.)

To be clear: please say

Psalm 13

, over and over again for a total of 13 times today, and continue to do so every day for 13 days (until Sunday, the 12th of July, the 25th of Tammuz) for the immediate redemption of Jonathan Pollard (Yehonatan ben Malka.) The psalm is very short, easy to say, and very vivid! You will enjoy saying it and learning it as you recite!

Please start today:

You must start today because today is the 13th of the month of Tammuz and that is the day this segula is activated.

Have in mind when you recite:

Please say the segula of

Psalm 13

for the speedy redemption of Jonathan Pollard and his swift and immediate return to his wife and to the Nation which dwells in Tzion in full health to gladden the hearts of all Israel. Amain v'amain!

May all who bless Jonathan be blessed!

In the merit of our collective prayers and longing, may we all merit to greet Mashiach Tzidkeinu and to witness the restoration of our Holy Temple, speedily in our day! Amain! Sela!

This Segula can work miracles!

Share this message! The more people who participate, the more powerful the effect, the sooner the miracle will be seen B"H. Amain! Please share this email with at least 5 more people and everyone forward to 5 more. Thank you and G-d bless!