A Powerful Prayer Remedy (Segula) for the Days of Purim
For All Three Days of Purim: March 4th, 5th and 6th, 2015

Justice4JPnews - March 3, 2015

Please pray for Jonathan (Yehonatan Ben Malka) and for all of Israel.

This segula is powerful particularly on Taanit Esther (March 4th); Purim (March 5th) and Shushan Purim (March 6th).

Esther HaMalka and Mordechai HaYehudi

Here is how it works:

For all salvations, all healings, all requests of Heaven, a special segula for the days of Purim is to make your request "in the merit of Esther HaMalka and Mordechai HaYehudi", and then say Perek 22 of Tehillim.

For each request made, repeat the declaration "in the merit of Esther HaMalka and Mordechai HaYehudi" and repeat Perek 22 of Tehillim (Chapter 22 of Psalms). It is preferable to do so in Hebrew if possible.