Pollard Support Rally draws thousands to Jerusalem

Justice4JPnews - March 19, 2013

When Esther Pollard mounted the stage to speak at the Pollard rally near the President's residence in Jerusalem she was totally unprepared for the sight that greeted her. She burst in to tears, moved by the sight of thousands and thousands of people packing the sidewalks and cramming the adjoining streets. Thousands of Israelis of all walks of life arrived from all parts of the country to take part in the rally, forcing the police to close the streets to traffic.

Mrs. Pollard met with President Shimon Peres today to entrust him with the Peoples' Petition to President Obama (PollardNow.org) which now has well over 200,000 signatures on line and still growing. Peres will hand-deliver the petition to the American President tomorrow. It is still possible to add names to the petition online at PollardNow.org. (For instructions in English, click here.)

Mrs Pollard was accompanied to the meeting with President Peres by Jewish Agency Head, Natan Sharanksy, Professor Mordechai Kremnitzer Vice President of Research at the Israel Democracy Institute and Effi Lahav, Pollard Campaign Manager. The delegation reported that the meeting with President Peres was "serious" and "meaningful".