Urgent Request from Rabbanit Tzvia Eliyahu (wife of HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu, ztvk"l) for All the House of Israel

September 16, 2012


Peace and Greeting to all the House of Israel.

As is well known, at Rosh HaShana the opening of the ark during the prayers is a special time of grace, when Heaven looks with favor upon our prayers. Rabbanit Eliyahu, may she be blessed for a long life, asks that all of Israel pray for Jonathan Pollard when the ark is opened. She asks that we take Jonathan into our hearts at that time and feel his pain, his aloneness, and his aching desire to be home with his wife and his people here in the Land. He is languishing in prison now, for 27 excruciating years. Keep Yehonatan HaLevy ben Malka in mind throughout your Rosh HaShana Prayers, for a swift and speedy return home in full health. Say the special prayer for him written by HaRav Eliyahu ztvk"lwhen the ark is opened and as often as you can. As the Rav always said, as long as Jonathan remains a prisoner, we are all in prison. His release will bring redemption to the whole house of Israel A copy of the Rav's prayer for Jonathan follows below.