Editorial: A Time for Urgent Prayers

Hamodia - Front Page Editorial - June 11, 2012

On Wednesday, Israeli President Shimon Peres is scheduled to have dinner with and receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama.

He is arriving with a clear mandate from the people of Israel and Jews throughout the Diaspora, who have made it crystal-clear that they expect him to do whatever he possibly can to persuade President Obama to end the travesty of justice that has kept Jonathan Pollard behind bars for 27 years.

This meeting comes after years of intensive, herculean efforts on the part of a committed team of selfless volunteers, led by Jonathan's wife, Mrs. Esther Pollard, to get the truth out. The thick White House file on Jonathan Pollard is filled with factual and flawless arguments for why commutation to time served is long overdue.

A long list of the highest-ranking former and current U.S officials, including those with firsthand knowledge of the case, have written to President Obama to impress upon him that enough is enough. It is now increasingly clear to every unbiased observer that there is no logical explanation or legitimate defense for keeping Pollard incarcerated.

It is difficult to think of another matter that has elicited such a unified approach as the saga of Jonathan Pollard. From across the spectrum of Torah Jewry, from the right to the far left of the political divide, the leaders of the Reform and Conservative movements, and Jews and gentiles alike have urged that Pollard be released.

The scene has been set. More than anything else, what is now needed are Klal Yisrael's prayers for Yehonatan Halevy ben Malkah. May the Ribbono shel Olam, the Master of the World, listen to our prayers and place in the heart of the leader of the free world the wisdom and the courage to do what is right.

Last year, when Pollard mentioned that he was taking a certain type of medication, a visitor commented that this medication necessitated drinking large amounts of water.

"Baruch Hashem," Pollard replied. Noticing the puzzlement on his visitor's face, he hastened to explain.

"Baruch Hashem, I get to make a brachah so many times a day."

May we merit that this coming Shabbos Jonathan will be able to recite the Gomel blessing on his release at the Kotel in Jerusalem, and may all of Klal Yisrael merit to answer amen.