Tefilla Effort on Behalf of Jonathan Pollard

Yeshiva World News - May 21, 2012

This effort is labeled Operation Yonatan, taking place today, erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5772.

Much has been said regarding the terrible injustice that has been done to Yonatan. Now we have an opportunity to correct this. We all want to see Yonatan free. The first of Sivan when all of Am Yisrael stood at Har Sinai and waited to receive the Torah. This day is when prayer is easily accepted.

We ask everyone to please choose one of the following options:
1. Tshuva - accept on yourself one small change or do a good deed. (for example helping a friend or neighbor in need).
2. Tefillah - Recite all of Sefer Tehillim (even if divided among a number of people) and have Yonatan in mind.
3. Tzedaka - Give tzedaka in his merit or volunteer in a gemach.

A special tefilla has been written as well and it appears on the Ezrat Nashim website.

Anyone deciding to take part is requested to register by calling 0722-727-727 or emailing M4yonatan@gmail.com.

Organizers are hoping to have 27,000 people register, one thousand people for each year Jonathan Pollard has served in prison.

(YWN - Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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