Justice4JPnews - May 1, 2012

You can help! Sign the petition for President Peres now!

We are calling on all those who care about justice and humanitarian concerns to sign the petition in support of President Peres. We urge all who desire to save Jonathan Pollard's life to sign and to get family and friends to sign!

Just log on to the Justice for Jonathan Pollard website. Click on the photo of Peres and Obama. Or click on the link under the photo. That is all you have to do! Simple instructions will appear and in seconds your signature will be added to the petition!


We all want to take pride in Mr. Peres achievement; Pollard's desperate plight mars it.

President Peres is scheduled to receive the Medal of Freedom from President Obama in June. The obvious irony of Mr. Peres receiving the Freedom medal while Pollard languishes in an American jail is keenly felt in Israel. Consequently Israelis have started a petition calling on President Peres to use his influence in Washington and his prestige with President Obama to bring Jonathan Pollard home BEFORE he receives the medal on June 13th. Some 50 thousand Israelis have signed to date.

We need to double, triple and quadruple the numbers on the petition in order to strengthen Mr. Peres' hand. By giving him full support, it will be easier for Mr. Peres to show resolve and remain resolute in his appeal to President Obama, encouraging him to do the right thing, NOW, without any further delay, by sending Pollard home to Israel for the medical care he so urgently needs, and for the freedom he richly deserves.

With our signatures, we are not asking Mr. Peres to refuse the US Medal of Freedom. Nor are we asking Mr. Peres to link his receipt of the medal to Pollard's release. We are asking only that Mr. Peres use his superior diplomatic skills immediately and intensively to pull Pollard out of harm's way before he receives the medal from President Obama. Once Pollard is home, we can all breathe easier and take pride in this great honor that Mr. Peres is slated to receive.

PLEASE SIGN NOW, to lend your support to President Peres!

Log in now to the J4JP website and click on the photo!

Let's throw our weight behind President Peres! Let's help him to bring Jonathan Pollard home NOW!

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