Yesterday Peres asked, today Netanyahu to ask for Pollard Release from Obama

Esther Pollard: Jonathans release will be a real medal of freedom

The American Committee for the Release of Jonathan Pollard - March 5, 2012 - Media Release

Officials in the Prime Ministers office have relayed to journalists that it is the intention of the Prime Minister to raise with the President, the issue of Jonathan Pollards release. As will be remembered, 14 months ago Prime Minister Netanyahu made an unprecedented official request for Pollards release, (copy of his letter to Obama is here). His request has not received the courtesy of a response to date. At this time hopes are mounting that during the upcoming meeting between the PM and the President, a positive response to Netanyahus request will be forthcoming. Even more so, in light of the dozens of appeals by high-ranking senior officials to President Obama to release Pollard now and calling his continued incarceration a travesty of justice.

Esther Pollard responded by urging the President to respond favorably to the repeated requests for her husbands release: "Jonathan's release, Mr. President, will be a real medal of freedom for us and for all of Israel! Please send Jonathan home with Mr. Netanyahu."

In the meantime President Peres office has confirmed that he asked President Obama for the release of Jonathan Pollard during their White House meeting. No further details have been released at this time.

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