Obama Flooded with Requests Demanding to Pardon Pollard

vosizneias.com - November 21, 2011

Washington - Free Pollard campaign ups the ante: As Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard enters his 27th year behind bars in the United States, the Free Pollard campaign has decided it was time to take new action to bring about his release.

In the past year hopes grew that Pollard might be released, after many Israeli officials from the government, defense and judicial systems turned to US President Barack Obama, pleading he cut down Pollard's sentence and set him free.

According to a Monday report in Yedioth Ahronoth, Obama has been flooded with hundreds of requests in recent months demanding the Israeli spy's pardon - but he has remained adamant in his refusal.

Many people across the globe will be marking the anniversary of Pollard's imprisonment Monday with a new campaign calling supporters to "bombard" the White House with phone calls demanding his release. The campaign has even set up a special phone line for the cause, which will enable Israeli supporters to call Washington for the cost of a local phone call.

Campaign organizers reported that the "presidential pardoning season" - during which the president usually pardons felons - has begun in the US. The organizers said they were hopeful Pollard might be released this year.

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