US set the precedent with Pollard for Pakistan's mistreatment of US agent

Source: CNN - Wolf Blitzer, Situation Room - October 7, 2011


US prosecution of Pollard as if he had spied for enemy state, rather than an ally, set the precedent for Pakistan's treatment of native Pakistani who worked as an American agent.


A Pakistani commission has recommended bringing charges of high treason against Dr. Shakeel Afridi. He's accused of helping U.S. intelligence with a vaccination program in Abbottabad to try to get DNA samples to see if Bin Laden or his family lived in the compound....


Contacted by CNN, a Pakistani official could not say whether his government will put the doctor on trial. Our national security analyst Peter Bergen says if they do, the Pakistanis may have a case. He compares it to a well-known spying case in the U.S. in the 1980s.


Jonathan Pollard was tried in this country for spying for a friendly country's intelligence service, Israel. Why should Pakistan treat its citizens any different than the way we treat Americans who spy for even friendly countries?

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