Pollard emerges from successful surgery

Wife says Pollard conscious but in pain: This is just temporary fix. He needs to come home

Aviel Magnezi - YNet News - August 3, 2011

Jonathan Pollard has come out of an operation and is not in danger, his wife, Esther, said Wednesday. She added that he is conscious but suffering from horrible pain.

"Since the news of Jonathan's operation broke yesterday, we have been overwhelmed with an outpouring of support and concern from the Israeli people and from the Israeli media for which we are deeply grateful," she said.

"While I am deeply relieved that Jonathan came through the operation and is now recovering, this is not a solution, just a temporary fix. He needs to come home now where he can receive the care and treatment he desperately needs," Esther Pollard added.

"After 26 years in prison without proper nutrition or medical care, he is in a very weak and compromised state physically. Time is running out."

The Justice for Jonathan Pollard Committee said they had warned of an imminent health disaster.

The committee added that US legislators were due to arrive soon in Israel. "We entreat the prime minister and the president to ask them to help end this tragedy before it's too late," the committee stated.

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