Pollard stays locked up for father's funeral

Source says US gave no response to numerous requests by Israel to allow Jonathan Pollard to attend graveside service, adds:
Family expected different treatment, especially since Morris endangered life for state

Aviel Magnezi - YNET News - June 20, 2011

A funeral for Jonathan Pollard's father, Morris, is currently proceeding without him, family members at a cemetery in South Bend, Indiana say.

Israel had issued a request to the US asking the administration to allow the man convicted of espionage to attend the funeral after the 95-year old man passed away Saturday.

"The family expected different treatment, especially since Morris endangered his life for the state," one source said.

"During World War II, when there was a need to perform urgent vaccination experiments he volunteered to have them tried on him despite the risk to his life. And this doesn't even mention the many lives he saved as a researcher of cancer and other fields." Despite this, the Associated Press reported that the only mention of Jonathan Pollard during the graveside service was when his sister said one of their father's few regrets was "not being able to help his son achieve freedom."

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