Mazal Tov! Another Pollard match made in Heaven!

Justice4JPnews - March 27, 2011

Jonathan and Esther Pollard are thrilled to announce the engagement of yet another precious couple, Hillel Maeir and Yehudit HaEitan! They wish Hillel and Yehudit a very hearty mazal-tov and abundant blessing on this joyous occasion! They hope and pray to yet dance at the wedding!

Hillel and Yehudit met as a result of their activism on behalf of Jonathan Pollard. Both are long-time activists with the Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home [The Vaad]!

Hillel's older brother, Naftali, started the tradition. Both he and his wife, the former Eliana Silverman, met and married as a result of their participation in the Vaad. They are now expecting, B"H, their 2nd child!

Naftali's best friend, the Israeli spokesman for the Pollard case, Adi Ginsburg followed the tradition when he married Tzipporah Silverman, Eliana's sister. They too met and married because of their activities with the Vaad.

Hillel and Yehudit, Naftali and Eliana, Adi and Tzipporah, are among the more than a dozen new families that Jonathan Pollard's plight has brought into being. We are delighted with the lastest addition to the family! Ken Yirbu! May the numbers continually increase!

Mazal Tov to Hillel and Yehudit!
Mazal Tov to the Maeir Family! Mazal Tov to the HaEitan Family!
Mazal Tov to Jonathan and Esther Pollard!
Mazal Tov to us all, and to all of Am Yisrael!