Unprecedented Letter from U.S. Jewish and Christian Leadership Asking President Obama to Free Pollard (All Names)

January 3, 2011

The Honorable Barack H. Obama
President of the United States
The White House
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

We, the undersigned over five hundred religious and communal leaders representative of the broad spectrum of the American faith community - wish to add our voices in support of clemency for Jonathan Pollard. We are united in the fundamental belief that "Justice, only justice, shall you pursue" (Deuteronomy 16:20), which rests at the core of our moral principles and system of justice.

Mr. Pollard is currently serving his 26th year of a life sentence, having been indicted on one count of passing classified information to an ally without intent to harm the United States. We certainly do not condone his crime, nor do we underestimate the gravity of the offense. But it is patently clear that the sentence was and remains terribly disproportionate - the average punishment is a 2-4 year prison term - and (as several federal judges have noted) constitutes a gross miscarriage of justice.

As you know, prominent figures from across the spectrum have publicly stated their support for Mr. Pollard's release. They include Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, Senators Charles Schumer and Arlen Specter, Harvard Law Professors Charles Ogletree and Alan Dershowitz, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former Assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb, Rev. Theodore Hesburgh of Notre Dame, Benjamin Hooks of the NAACP, former federal Judge George Leighton, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former U.S. Solicitor General Theodore Olsen, Pastor John Hagee, and Gary Bauer. Furthermore, thirty-nine members of Congress have recently submitted to you a "Dear Colleague" letter led by Congressman Barney Frank in support of commuting Mr. Pollard's sentence. Perhaps most noteworthy, similar support has come from those who have seen the classified information of the actual damage caused including former CIA Director R. James Woolsey, Congressman Anthony Weiner, and former Senator and Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Dennis DeConcini.

After more than two and a half decades in prison, Mr. Pollard's health is declining. He has repeatedly expressed remorse for his actions, and by all accounts has served as a model inmate.

Commuting his sentence to time served would be a wholly appropriate exercise of your power of clemency - as well as a matter of basic fairness and American justice. It would also represent a clear sense of compassion and reconciliation - a sign of hope much needed in today's world of tension and turmoil.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.


Gary L. Bauer , President American Values
Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus, President Central Conference of American Rabbis
Rabbi Dr. David Ellenson President Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
Pastor John C. Hagee President and CEO of John Hagee Ministries Founder and Chairman, CUFI
Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh President Emeritus University of Notre Dame
Rabbi Marvin Hier Founder and Dean Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum ofTolerance
Malcolm Hoenlein Executive Vice Chairman Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
Morton A. Klein, President Zionist Organization of America
Rabbi Moshe Kletenik President Rabbinical Council of America
Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm Chancellor Yeshiva University
Bishop Chuck Leigh Apostolic Catholic Church President, Florida Council of Churches
Rabbi Pesach Lerner Executive Vice President National Council of Young Israel
Daniel S. Mariaschin Executive Vice President B'nai B'rith International
Shlomo Z. Mostofsky National President National Council of Young Israel
Rabbi Robert J. Orkand President Association of Reform Zionists of America
Rabbi Joseph Potasnik Executive Vice President New York Board of Rabbis
Carlos Salinas Executive Director, Healing Bridges Former Acting Director of Government Relations Amnesty International USA
Rabbi David Saperstein Director and Counsel Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Rev. Kenneth O. Turley President General Convention of the New Jerusalem (Swedenborgian)
Rabbi Steven Weil Executive Vice President Orthodox Union
Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie President Union for Reform Judaism
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Executive Director The Values Network
Wayne Firestone President and CEO Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
Allan Finkelstein President JCCs of North America
Rabbi Menachem Genack Rabbinic Administrator Chief Executive Officer Orthodox Union
Alan Klugman National Executive Director ORT America, Inc.
Rabbi Irwin Kula President Clal - The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership
Martin Oliner Chairman Religious Zionists of America-Mizrachi
Seymour D. Reich Former Chairman Conference of Presidents of Major American
Jewish Organizations
Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi Rabbinic Chair of ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal Founder of the Spiritual Eldering Institute
Dr. Francine Stein President Amit
Paula L. Sidman Chair JCCs of North America
Mindy Stein National President EMUNAH of America
Lori Weinstein Executive Director Jewish Women International
Rabbi David Wolpe Rabbi Sinai Temple - Los Angeles

1. Rabbi Elie Abadie (NY)
2. Rabbi Charles Abramchik (FL)
3. Rabbi Daniel Abramowitz (AZ)
4. Rabbi David Adelson (NY)
5. Rabbi Yosef Adler (NJ)
6. Rabbi Charles G. Agin (NY)
7. Rabbi Jaime Aklepi (FL)
8. Ral B. Alegra (NC)
9. Rabbi Daniel Alter (CO)
10. Rabbi Spike Anderson (CA)
11. Rabbi Kalman Appel (NV)
12. Rabbi Sol Appleman (NY)
13. Rabbi Cyrus Arfa (FL)
14. Inna Arolovich (NY)
15. Rabbi Elad Asulin (PA)
16. Rabbi Kenneth Auman (NY)
17. Rabbi Aryeh Azriel (NE)
18. Rev. David P. Baak (MI)
19. Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar (AL)
20. Rabbi George Barnard (OH)
21. Rabbi Uri Barnea (MS)
22. Rabbi Jeremy Barras (FL)
23. Rabbi Rosette Barron Haim(OH)
24. Rabbi Eliot J. Baskin (CO)
25. Rabbi David Bassous (NJ)
26. Gary L. Bauer (DC)
27. Rabbi Lisa Sari Bellows (IL)
28. Rabbi James M. Bennett (MO)
29. Rabbi Jacob Benzaquen (NY)
30. Rabbi Moises Benzaquen (CA)
31. Rabbi Peter Berg (GA)
32. Rabbi David Berger (NY)
33. Rabbi Matthew Berger (MA)
34. Rabbi Stacy Bergman (NY)
35. Rabbi William C. Berk (AZ)
36. Rabbi Laszlo Berkowits (VA)
37. Rabbi Alan Berkowitz (NY)
38. Rabbi Allan Berkowitz (CA)
39. Rabbi Yehuda Berkowitz (NY)
40. Rabbi Norman Berlat (IL)
41. Rabbi Dovid Bielory (RI)
42. Rabbi Jonathan Bienenfeld (NY)
43. Rabbi Heshie Billet (NY)
44. Rabbi Aaron Bisno (PA)
45. Rabbi Joseph R. Black (CO)
46. Rabbi Barry H.D. Block (TX)
47. Rabbi Brad Bloom (SC)
48. Rabbi David Blum (NJ)
49. Rabbi Herman J. Blumberg (MA)
50. Rabbi Neil F. Blumofe (TX)
51. Rabbi Heshy Blumstein (NY)
52. Rabbi Shalom Bochner (CA)
53. Rabbi Terry Bookman (FL)
54. Rabbi David Booth (CA)
55. Rabbi Yehuda Boroosan (GA)
56. Rabbi Neal I. Borovitz (NJ)
57. Rabbi Shmuel Boteach (NJ)
58. Rabbi Geoffrey Botnick (FL)
59. Rabbi Reuven Brand (IL)
60. Rabbi Kenneth Brander (NY)
61. Rabbi Irvin Brandwein (PA)
62. Rabbi Seth Braunstein (MA)
63. Rabbi Deborah K. Bravo (NJ)
64. Rabbi Reeve Brenner (MD)
65. Rabbi Kenneth Brodkin (OR)
66. Rabbi Yisroel Brotsky (PA)
67. Rabbi Erica Burech (AZ)
68. Rabbi John Bush (PA)
69. Rabbi Javier E. Cattapan (IN)
70. Rabbi Richard Chapin (FL)
71. Rabbi Marim D. Charry (NY)
72. Rabbi Joshua Chasan (VT)
73. Rabbi Mari Chernow (AZ)
74. Rabbi Michael S. Churgel (NY)
75. Rabbi Yisroel Ciner (CA)
76. Rabbi Paul Citrin (NM)
77. Rabbi David B. Cohen (WI)
78. Rabbi Malcolm Cohen (NV)
79. Rabbi Norman M. Cohen (MN)
80. Rabbi Timothy Michael Cohen (MI)
81. Rabbi Yonatan Cohen (CA)
82. Rabbi Julian I. Cook (CO)
83. Rabbi Harris Cooperman (AZ)
84. Rabbi Gary S. Creditor (VA)
85. Rabbi Menachem Creditor (CA)
86. Rabbi Robin Damsky (IL)
87. Rabbi Judah Dardik (CA)
88. Rabbi Beth D. Davidson (NH)
89. Rabbi Joshua Davidson (NY)
90. Rev. Paula Clayton Dempsey (N.C.)
91. Rabbi Simcha Dessler (OH)
92. Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus (IL)
93. Rabbi Elizabeth Dunsker (WA)
94. Rabbi Moshe Edelman (NY)
95. Rabbi Stephen J. Einstein (CA)
96. Rabbi Rafi Eis (PA)
97. Rabbi Robert J. Eisen (AZ)
98. Rabbi Gabriel Elias (CA)
99. Rabbi David Ellenson (NY)
100. Rabbi Diane Elliot (CA)
101. Rabbi Ari Ellis (CA)
102. Rabbi Zvi Engel (IL)
103. Rabbi Ephraim Epstein (NJ)
104. Rabbi Mordechai Eskovitz
(Touro Synagogue, Newport, RI)
105. Rabbi Gideon Estes (TX)
106. Rabbi Edwin Farber (FL)
107. Rabbi Allan Farkas (NY)
108. Rabbi Elie Farkas (NY)
109. Rabbi Robert Feinberg (OH)
110. Rabbi Eytan Feiner (NY)
111. Rabbi Morley Feinstein (CA)
112. Rabbi Yossi Feintuch (MO)
113. Rabbi Jonathan Feldman (NY)
114. Rabbi Cathy L. Felix (NJ)
115. Rabbi Michael L. Feshbach (MD)
116. Rabbi Leon Fink (FL)
117. Allan Finkelstein (NY)
118. Rabbi Joel Finkelstein (TN)
119. Rabbi Shai Finkelstein (TN)
120. Wayne Firestone (DC)
121. Rabbi Dov Fischer (CA)
122. Rabbi Adam D. Fisher (NY)
123. Rabbi Joel Fleekop (CA)
124. Rabbi John Franken (MA)
125. Rabbi Ethan Franzel (PA)
126. Rabbi Chaim Frazer (NJ)
127. Rabbi Eli Freedman (PA)
128. Rabbi Yaakov Freedman (NJ)
129. Rabbi Allen I. Freehling (CA)
130. Rabbi Gordon Freeman (CA)
131. Rabbi Avi Fried (NY)
132. Rabbi Harold Friedlander (NY)
133. Rabbi Moshe Friedler (NY)
134. Rabbi Cary A. Friedman (NJ)
135. Rabbi Hillel Friedman (NY)
136. Howard Friedman (MD)
137. Rabbi Larry Friedman (CA)
138. Rabbi L.E. Friedman (NY)
139. Rabbi Elyse Frishman (NJ)
140. Rabbi Alan D. Fuchs (PA)
141. Rabbi Albert Gabbai (Mikveh Israel, Philadelphia, PA)
142. Rabbi Myron S. Geller (FL)
143. Rabbi Menachem Genack (NJ)
144. Rabbi Yisrael Gettinger (IN)
145. Rabbi Gershon C. Gewirtz (MA)
146. Rabbi Matthew D. Gewirtz (NJ)
147. Rabbi Mordeachai Gholian (MD)
148. Rabbi Sim Glaser (NJ)
149. Rabbi Aaron Glatt (NY)
150. Rabbi Miriyam Glazer (CA)
151. Rabbi James Scott Glazier (VT)
152. Rabbi Mark Glickman (WA)
153. Rabbi David Glicksman (NJ)
154. Rabbi Gary Glickstein (FL)
155. Rabbi Arnold S. Gluck (NJ)
156. Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg (CA)
157. Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg (CT)
158. Rabbi Shmuel Goldin (NJ)
159. Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider (NY)
160. Rabbi Ari J. Goldstein (MD)
161. Rabbi Josh Goldstein (NJ)
162. Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein (NJ)
163. Rabbi Paul Golomb (NY)
164. Rabbi Linda Henry Goodman (NY)
165. Rabbi Marvin Goodman (CA)
166. Rabbi Yisroel Gottlieb (NY)
167. Rabbi Alysa Mendelson Graf (CT)
168. Rabbi Sarah Graff (CA)
169. Rabbi Stuart Grant (NY)
170. Rabbi Simcha A. Green (CA)
171. Rabbi C. Michelle Greenberg (CA)
172. Rabbi David Greenberg (NY)
173. Rabbi Yitz Greenberg (NY)
174. Rabbi Fred Greene (GA)
175. Rabbi Yeshayahu E. Greenfeld (NY)
176. Rabbi Yonah Gross (PA)
177. Rabbi Fred Guttman (NC)
178. Rabbi Jason Gwasdoff (CA)
179. Rabbi Robert Haas (TX)
180. Rabbi Debra R. Hachen (NJ)
181. Pastor John C. Hagee (TX)
182. Rev. Jimmie R. Hawkins (NC)
183. Rabbi Jonathan L. Hecht (NY)
184. Rabbi Boaz D. Heilman (MA)
185. Rabbi Sidney M. Helbraun (IL)
186. Rabbi Pinchas Herman (NC)
187. Rabbi Eli Herscher (CA)
188. Rabbi Leah M. Herz (OH)
189. Rabbi Akiva Herzfeld (ME)
190. Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld (DC)
191. Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh (IN)
192. Rabbi Joshua Hess (NJ)
193. Rabbi Marvin Hier (CA)
194. Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch (NY)
195. Malcolm Hoenlein (NY)
196. Rabbi Chaim Hollander (CA)
197. Rabbi David Holtz (NY)
198. Rabbi Aton M. Holzer (TX)
199. Rabbi David M. Horowitz (OH)
200. Rabbi Sarah Hronsky (CA)
201. Rabbi Geoff Huntting (FL)
202. Rabbi Karmi David Ingber (GA)
203. Rabbi Debbie Israel (CA)
204. Rabbi Marc Israel (MD)
205. Rabbi Yochanan Ivry (NY)
206. Rabbi Shmuel Jablon (PA)
207. Rabbi Glenn Jacob (NY)
208. Rabbi Ari Jacobson (NY)
209. Rabbi David M. Jacobson (CA)
210. Rabbi Jennifer A. Jaech (NY)
211. Rabbi David Jaffe (MA)
212. Rabbi Gedaliah Jaffe (NJ)
213. Rabbi Eli Kadi (NY)
214. Rabbi Ari Kagan (NY)
215. Rabbi Yoel Kahn (CA)
216. Rabbi David Kalb (NY)
217. Rabbi Wes Kalmar (WI)
218. Rabbi Nathan Kamenetsky (NY)
219. Rabbi Greg Kanter (FL)
220. Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan (GA)
221. Rabbi Samuel E. Karff (TX)
222. Rabbi Stephen Karol (NY)
223. Rabbi Henry Jay Karp (IA)
224. Rabbi Molly Karp (NY)
225. Rabbi Abraham Katz (NY)
226. Rabbi Jonathan R. Katz (FL)
227. Rabbi Yisroel Kellner (NY)
228. Rabbi Avraham Kelman (MA)
229. Rabbi Benjamin Kelsen (NJ)
230. Rabbi Judith Kempler (FL)
231. Rabbi Yuval Kernerman (OH)
232. Rabbi Peg Kershenbaum (NY)
233. Rabbi Stanley M. Kessler (CT)
234. Rabbi Yosef Khakshoor (MD)
235. Rabbi Shaya Kilimnick (NY)
236. Rabbi Paul Kipnes (CA)
237. Rabbi Barry Kislowicz (OH)
238. Rabbi Shmuel Klatzkin (OH)
239. Rabbi Charles A. Klein (NY)
240. Morton A. Klein (NY)
241. Rabbi Stephen A. Klein (NY)
242. Alan Klugman (NY)
243. Rabbi Moshe Kletenik (WA)
244. Rabbi Hal Tzvi Klugerman (MD)
245. Rabbi Alison B. Kobey (MD)
246. Rabbi Claudio J. Kogan (CT)
247. Rabbi Douglas Kohn (CA)
248. Rabbi Yitzchak Kolakowski (VA)
249. Rabbi Bonnie Koppell (AZ)
250. Rabbi Abraham Korf (FL)
251. Rabbi Ira Korinow (MA)
252. Rabbi Mordechai Kraft (NY)
253. Rabbi Doniel Kramer (NY)
254. Rabbi Simcha Krauss (NY)
255. Rabbi Moshe D. Krupka (NY)
256. Rabbi Harold l. Kudan (IL)
257. Rabbi Irwin Kula (NY)
258. Rabbi Baruch Kupfer (CA)
259. Rabbi Moshe Kushner (IL)
260. Rabbi Yaakov Labinsky (OH)
261. Rabbi Norman Lamm (NY)
262. Rabbi Joel Landau (CO)
263. Rabbi Eric M. Lankin (NJ)
264. Rabbi Michael Laxmeter (NY)
265. Rabbi Alan Lavin (NY)
266. Rabbi Philip Lefkowitz (IL)
267. Rabbi Yaakov Lehrfield (NY)
268. Rabbi Boruch M. Leibowitz (NY)
269. Bishop Charles Leigh (FL)
270. Rabbi Nesanel Lerman (NY)
271. Rabbi Darah R. Lerner (ME)
272. Rabbi Pesach Lerner (NY)
273. Rabbi Dan Levin (FL)
274. Rabbi Mark H. Levin (MD)
275. Rabbi Shlomo Levin (WI)
276. Rabbi Dovid Levine (NY)
277. Rabbi Donald A. Levy (CO)
278. Rabbi Leonard Lifshen (PA)
279. Rabbi John A. Linder (AZ)
280. Rabbi Serge A. Lippe (NY)
281. Rabbi Charles Lipshitz (VA)
282. Rabbi Norman S. Lipson (FL)
283. Rabbi Janet B. Liss (NY)
284. Rabbi Alan E. Liwak (FL)
285. Rabbi Garry Loeb (NY)
286. Rabbi Haskel Lookstein (NY)
287. Rabbi Asher Lopatin (IL)
288. Rabbi Harold Loss (MI)
289. Rabbi Steven Lowenstein (IL)
290. Rabbi Yaakov Luban (NJ)
291. Rabbi Akiba Lubow (NJ)
292. Rabbi Akiva Males (PA)
293. Rabbi Jacob Malki (NY)
294. Rabbi Allen S. Maller (CA)
295. Rabbi Ari Mandel (AZ)
296. Rabbi Rosalin Mandelberg (VA)
297. Rabbi Reuven Mann (AZ)
298. Rabbi Chaim Marcus (NJ)
299. Rabbi Chaim Marder (NY)
300. Rabbi Janet Marder (CA)
301. Daniel S. Mariaschin (DC)
302. Rabbi Jeff Marx (CA)
303. Rabbi Jacqueline Mates-Muchin (CA)
304. Rabbi Dennis Math (NJ)
305. Rabbi Michele Brand Medwin (NY)
306. Rabbi Gary Menchel (NY)
307. Rabbi Joseph Mendelson (KS)
308. Rabbi David Merkin (NJ)
309. Rabbi David Mescheloff (IL)
310. Rabbi Stanley R. Miles (KY)
311. Rabbi Eric Milgrim (NJ)
312. Rabbi Avis D. Miller (DC)
313. Rabbi Jason Miller (MI)
314. Rabbi Mark J. Miller (TX)
315. Rabbi Mordecai Miller (MO)
316. Rabbi Jordan Millstein (NJ)
317. Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern (NY)
318. Rabbi Leon A. Morris (NY)
319. Rabbi Yechiel Morris (MI)
320. Rabbi Joel Mosbacher (NJ)
321. Shlomo Z. Mostofsky (NY)
322. Rabbi Daniel Muskat (IL)
323. Rabbi Jonathan Muskat (NY)
324. Rabbi Scott Nagel (MD)
325. Rabbi Bezalel Naor (NY)
326. Rabbi Fred Nebel (IN)
327. Rabbi Arthur P. Nemitoff (KS)
328. Rabbi Mark Nenner (NY)
329. Rabbi Jason Nevarez (NY)
330. Rabbi Steven Newman (FL)
331. Rabbi Beth Nichols (NY)
332. Rabbi John R. Nimon (LA)
333. Rabbi Shoshana Nyer (VA)
334. Rabbi Gabriel Ohayon (FL)
335. Rabbi David Oler (IL)
336. Martin Oliner (NY)
337. Rabbi Chanoch Oppenheim (NC)
338. Rabbi Yehuda Oppenheimer (NY)
339. Rabbi Hannah Orden (MA)
340. Rabbi Robert Orkand (CT)
341. Rabbi Joseph S. Ozarowski (IL)
342. Rabbi Herbert Panitch (FL)
343. Rabbi Jack P. Paskoff (PA)
344. Rabbi Chaim Ben Zion Pearl (NY)
345. Rabbi Jonathan Pearl (NY)
346. Rabbi Reuven Pelberg (IN)
347. Rabbi Marc Penner (NY)
348. Rabbi Nina Perlmutter (AZ)
349. Rabbi Daniel Pernick (NY)
350. Rabbi Yechezkel Pikus (NY)
351. Rabbi Henoch Plotnik (IL)
352. Rabbi Dale Polakoff (NY)
353. Rabbi Fredric S. Pomerantz (NJ)
354. Rabbi Philip Posner (AZ)
355. Rabbi Joseph Potasnik (NY)
356. Rabbi Bernhard Presler (FL)
357. Rabbi Samuel B. Press (OH)
358. Rabbi James Prosnit (CT)
359. Rabbi Steven Pruzansky (NJ)
360. Rabbi David Rabhan (NY)
361. Rabbi Yitzchak Rabinowitz (MA)
362. Rabbi Alan Rabishaw (CA)
363. Rabbi Eliyahu Rabovsky (FL)
364. Rabbi Bennett M. Rackman (NY)
365. Rabbi Lawrence W. Raphael (CA)
366. Seymour D. Reich (NY)
367. Seymour D. Reich (NY)
368. Rabbi Richard S. Rheins (CO)
369. Rabbi Philip "Flip" Rice (TN)
370. Rabbi Shaya Richmond (NY)
371. Rabbi Jack Riemer (FL)
372. Rabbi Louis Rieser (NH)
373. Rabbi Ted Riter (CA)
374. Rabbi Yair Robinson (DE)
375. Rabbi Daniel Rockoff (KS)
376. Rabbi Aryeh Rodin (TX)
377. Rabbi Norman T. Roman (MI)
378. Rabbi Jack Romberg (FL)
379. Rabbi Ben Romer (VA)
380. Rabbi Yael Romer (NY)
381. Rabbi Zvi Romm (NY)
382. Rabbi Carnie Shalom Rose (MO)
383. Rabbi Joshua Rose (CO)
384. Rabbi Yitzchak Rosenbaum (NJ)
385. Rabbi Aaron Rosenberg (CT)
386. Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg (NJ)
387. Rabbi Jonathan Rosenberg (CA)
388. Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld (NY)
389. Rabbi Morton Rosenthal (NJ)
390. Rabbi Adam Rosenwasser (CA)
391. Rabbi Ely J. Rosenzveig (NY)
392. Rabbi John Rosove (CA)
393. Rabbi Donald B. Rossoff (NJ)
394. Rabbi Mordechai Rotem (TX)
395. Rabbi Tobias Roth (NJ)
396. Rabbi Eliezer E. Rubin (NJ)
397. Carlos Salinas (DC)
398. Rabbi Solomon F. Rybak (NJ)
399. Rabbi Shaya Sackett (PA)
400. Rabbi Chaim Sacknovitz (NY)
401. Rabbi Eliyahu Safran (NY)
402. Carlos Salinas (DC)
403. Rabbi David B. Saltzman (NJ)
404. Rabbi Eliezer Sandler (NY)
405. Rabbi David Saperstein (DC)
406. Rabbi Charles E. Savenor (NY)
407. Rabbi Jeffrey Saxe (VA)
408. Rabbi Herschel Schachter (NY)
409. Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (CO)
410. Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter (NJ)
411. Rabbi Gershon Eliezer Schaffel (IL)
412. Rabbi Peter B. Schaktman (HI)
413. Rabbi Chaim Shapiro (FL)
414. Rabbi Richard J. Shapiro (FL)
415. Rabbi Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg (TX)
416. Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman (RI)
417. Rabbi Mordechai Scher (NM)
418. Rabbi Judith Schindler (NC)
419. Rabbi Efrem Schwalb (NY)
420. Rabbi Hayim Schwartz (NY)
421. Rabbi Julie S. Schwartz (GA)
422. Rabbi Shlome Schwartz (NY)
423. Rabbi Aaron Schwarzbaum (IA)
424. Rabbi Don Seeman (GA)
425. Rabbi David Segal (CO)
426. Rabbi Joshua Segal (NH)
427. Rabbi Ronald M. Segal (GA)
428. Rabbi Shlomo Segal (NY)
429. Rabbi Micah Segelman (NY)
430. Rabbi Ahud Sela (CA)
431. Rabbi Meir Sendor (MA)
432. Rabbi Daniel A. Septimus (WA)
433. Rabbi Jaimee Shalhevet (NY)
434. Rabbi David Shapiro (MA)
435. Rabbi Howard Shapiro (FL)
436. Rabbi Yerachmiel Shapiro (MD)
437. Rabbi Charles S. Sherman (NY)
438. Rabbi Rita Sherwin (MO)
439. Rabbi Gideon Shloush (NY)
440. Rabbi Mark L. Shook (MO)
441. Rabbi Evan Shore (NY)
442. Rabbi Yaakov Shulman (NY)
443. Rabbi Robert Shur (NY)
444. Paula L. Sidman (NY)
445. Rabbi Judith Siegal (FL)
446. Rabbi Zev Silber (NY)
447. Rabbi Shimon Silver (PA)
448. Rabbi Lawrence Silverman (MA)
449. Rabbi Robert Silvers (FL)
450. Rabbi Joel Simonds (CA)
451. Rabbi Jonathan Singer (WA)
452. Rabbi Suzanne Singer (CA)
453. Rabbi Eric J. Siroka (IN)
454. Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg (MI)
455. Rabbi Robert Slosberg (KY)
456. Rabbi Ze'ev Smason (MI)
457. Rabbi Scott Sperling (VA)
458. Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker (MN)
459. Rabbi Charles Spirn (NY)
460. Rabbi Nahum Spirn (NY)
461. Rabbi John Spitzer (OH)
462. Rabbi Cy Stanway (NJ)
463. Mindy Stein (NY)
464. Rabbi Avraham Steinberg (PA)
465. Rabbi Nathaniel Steinberg (NY)
466. Rabbi Peretz Steinberg (NY)
467. Rabbi Carl Steinhart (NY)
468. Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz (NY)
469. Rabbi Sholom Stern (NY)
470. Rabbi Susan B. Stone (OH)
471. Rabbi Elliot Strom (PA)
472. Rabbi Saul Strosberg (TN)
473. Rabbi Harold Sutton(NY)
474. Rabbi Loren Sykes (IL)
475. Rabbi Ari Sytner (SC)
476. Rabbi Irwin A. Tanenbaum (NY)
477. Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum (NY)
478. Rabbi Lawrence Teitelman (NY)
479. Rabbi Joseph Telushkin (NY)
480. Rabbi Sholom Tendler (CA)
481. Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp (OH)
482. Rabbi Brian Thau (NY)
483. Rabbi Aaron S. Tirschwell (NY)
484. Rabbi Kalman Topp (CA)
485. Rabbi Ben Travis (OH)
486. Rabbi Daniel Treiser (FL)
487. Rabbi Theodore Tsuruoka (NY)
488. Rabbi Neal Turk (FL)
489. Rev. Kenneth O. Turley (ME)
490. Rabbi Chaim Twerski (IL)
491. Rabbi Yakov Vann (CA)
492. Rabbi David Vorspan (CA)
493. Rabbi Dovid Wadler (NY)
494. Rabbi Greg Wall (NY)
495. Rabbi Mayer Waxman (NY)
496. Rabbi Donald A. Weber (NJ)
497. Rabbi Steven Weil (NY)
498. Rabbi Elchanan J. Weinbach (PA)
499. Rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner (KS)
500. Rabbi Arthur Weiner (NJ)
501. Rabbi Jennifer Weiner (VA)
502. Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb (NY)
503. Rabbi Jay Weinstein (NJ)
504. Lori Weinstein (DC)
505. Rabbi Yosef Weinstock (FL)
506. Rabbi Ari Weiss (CT)
507. Rabbi Avi Weiss (NY)
508. Rabbi Saul Weiss (NJ)
509. Rabbi Gershon Weissman (CA)
510. Rabbi Yehoshua Wender (TX)
511. Rabbi Shimon Wiggins (GA)
512. Rabb Jeffrey Wildstein (MA)
513. Rabbi Neil N. Winkler (NJ)
514. Rabbi Greg Wolfe (CA)
515. Rabbi Daniel Wolff (NJ)
516. Rabbi David Wolpe (CA)
517. Rabbi Eric Yoffie (NY)
518. Rabbi Benjamin Yudin (NJ)
519. Rabbi Howard Zack (OH)
520. Rabbi Elaine Zecher (MA)
521. Rabbi Michael Zedek (IL)
522. Rabbi Ziona Zelazo (NJ)
523. Rabbi Aharon Ziegler (NY)
524. Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman (NY)
525. Rabbi Israel Zoberman (VA)
526. Rabbi Daniel M. Zucker (NY)
527. Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler (NJ)

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