Chief Rabbis' of Israel Emergency Appeal for Prayers for Pollard

The Chief Rabbis of Israel are appealing to Jews in Israel and all around the world world today for urgent prayers for Jonathan Pollard

Yerucham Shmulevitz - December 26, 2010

Translated to English by J4JP

The Chief Rabbis of Israel have sent out a special appeal by fax and email today to Jews all over the world for urgent prayers for Jonathan Pollard's health before it is too late (G-d forbid).

This urgent appeal was undertaken after a period last week when Pollard was so ill that he was unable to maintain his telephone contact. In a conversation with, Pollard's wife Esther said that her husband was so ill and so weak that he told her he could not hold the telephone receiver.

She made this statement shortly after an emotional meeting with the Prime Minister last week. Only two days later, it appears that Pollard's health deteriorated further and he even underwent an operation.

Following the deterioration in Pollard's health, the Chief Rabbis have appealed to the President of the United States. They have appealed for Pollard's immediate release from prison while he is still able to stand on his own feet.

At the same time the Chief Rabbis, Rabbi Yona Metger and Rabbi Shlomo Amar, have made an urgent call to the public to pray both individually and in synagogues all over the world for Pollard's health and for his speedy release.

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