MK Cabel criticizes PM Netanyahu for not bringing Knesset Pollard letter to D.C.

Arutz7 News Briefs - November 7, 2010

( MK Eitan Cabel (Labor) on Sunday criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for "forgetting' to take with him to the U.S.

a letter

signed by 109 Mks demanding freedom for Jonathan Pollard. Netanyahu, who was supposed to deliver the letter to U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden when the two meet in Washington this week, has apparently decided not to present it.

Cabel said that the letter, signed by nearly all members of Jewish parties in the Knesset, represents "a national wall to wall consensus supporting an Israeli agent. It is a shame that the Prime Minister decided not to take the letter with him to the U.S.," Cabel said.

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