Rafi Eitan: U.S. government did Pollard wrong

Israel Radio - October 15, 2010

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[IMRA translation]

Former Minister: government violated an oral agreement with Israel that he would serve a ten year prison sentence.

Former Minister Rafi Eitan who was a senior Mossad says that the U.S. administration has done an injustice to Jonathan Pollard and violated a verbal agreement with Israel that he would serve a ten years in prison. On the "Meeting Point" program on Reshet Bet Minister Eitan said that the Americans claimed that Pollard had helped to frame U.S. agents in the Soviet Union and decided to leave him in prison for the rest of his life even though it turned out that he was not connected to the affair.

[IMRA: Unknown to Pollard, behind the scenes, American officials were secretly blaming Pollard for the damage caused to American intelligence by a mole. A mole who turned out to be Aldrich Ames. Aldrich Ames was the very same intelligence officer who participated in the preparation of the damage assessment that was used to indict and sentence Pollard. Pollard was never indicted, convicted or even aware that these accusations were being made secretly to pervert the sentencing process and secure a life sentence against him. Incredibly, the arrest of Ames in 1994 did not put an end to these false accusations or to Pollard's

grossly disproportionate sentence

. See: The Ames Case and Pollard (February 25, 1994 - The Jerusalem Post) and The Ames Disclosures (September 28, 1994 - The Jerusalem Post)