A letter from the Rimnitzer Rebbetzin

Justice4JPnews - October 14, 2010

The Rimnitzer Rebbetzin, Frayda Milka Abramowitz, wrote the following letter to Esther and Jonathan Pollard in response to the op-ed " What about Jonathan?" The letter reflects the teaching of our sages that "words which emanate from the heart enter the heart". With the permission of the author and the recipients, J4JP has reproduced the rebbetzin's letter below.

VIA Email

October 14, 2010 B"H

Dear Esther and Jonathan,

The reason and answer to the Jonathan dilemma will become crystal clear only when the "Sof Ma'Aseh" (final work) reaches the "Machshava Techila" (the original intent). The thoughts of Hashem are deep and intricate. At the stunning release of Jonathan he will become a mirror in the hands of our nation and his release will have the power to affect everyone in Klal Yisroel and all the world to see their own true image and face up to their own reality and they will realize that their brother Jonathan sat deep in a cell with no capsule descending to bring him to the surface because he bore our own iniquities and he saved our lives and he chiseled the path to Moshiach with his own sweat and blood.

I ask myself "Why didn't I reach out all those years that I prayed for you and Jonathan and it hurts me to think about it. There are no satisfactory answers. We are all caught up in the maze of our own lives, challenges and exile. The unity Klal Yisroel will achieve one day is still in its infancy stages. Bit by bit we begin to awaken. When the time will come and we will all have to face Jonathan in the moment of truth and when Jonathan will say to us. "I am Jonathan, your brother" then the love and sacrifice he has for all of Am Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel will reflect rays of light and truth into our own souls injecting us with a vivid recognition of who Jonathan the prisoner and Esther, his devoted Aishes Chayil REALLY ARE.

Please forgive me and I ask this very sincerely for not doing enough and for doing it much too late into the story. I feel deeply sorry. There is so much more that needs to be done. I wish I had funds. I would share them. I wish I had connections. I would make use of them. All I have are the gifts Hashem gave me, words from the heart, words from the soul, words from my inner being to share with you and tell you that your suffering and sacrifice stands constantly within the range of my vision and within my consistent dialogue with Hashem on your behalf.

I see the "Jonathan and Esther Rescue Capsule" being created in the high heavenly chambers, our Patriarchs and Matriarchs the Master Engineers, the heavenly Angels, the workforce, your barrels of Emunah will turn into the materials the expert technicians will use to create this Capsule, but the rope that carries the Capsule is the sacrifice and investment you both contributed all these agonizing years. It is the only thing on this planet strong enough to carry the weight of a nation and the release of a captive prisoner that the negative forces are most afraid of. They instinctively know that when Jonathan is "Out" they are "In." You are not dealing with logic here. You are dealing with the deepest forces of this creation. With its most dynamic opposition. But the Rescue Capsule is being polished and painted and the most modern updated heavenly technology is being created and the story is being written and the brightest most hidden sparks of creation are going to be released by Jonathan in a North Carolina prison cell and by Esther in her Jerusalem separation cell and these released sparks will merge into the unity of a complete and everlasting redemption.

The Capsule has a monitoring device that has recorded within it every single discomfort, fear, loneliness, financial lack, frustration, unanswered prayers or promises and the worries or concerns you and Jonathan have already experienced. It is the fuel that will make this redemption Capsule work like a charm. It also has a prayer compartment with every single prayer ever prayed for on your (E&J) behalf. No, it is not 22 inches wide, constricting and uncomfortable, like the Chile rescue Capsule, it is wide and broad and tall and has every holy imaginable luxury, at your disposal. It has the space and the power to include and uplift an entire nation on its own Journey to everlasting Redemption. It can carry the newly built Bais Hamikdash and the entire city of Jerusalem in its domain. It can include the entire Land of Eretz Hakodesh. There is no logic to its construction. It is fabricated out of the journey of two loving souls separated by the most dynamic forces and united by their accomplished mission. It possess unequaled beauty and symmetry. We will all ride on the wings of your forgiveness, love and accomplishments but you and Jonathan will merit this by the sweat of your own browsand by the belief of the unbelievable.

You are not looking to be or became international heroes but heroes you are, nevertheless. You are not looking for fame. All you want and need is your own private abode to enrich and revive yourselves from this almost inhumane experience. All you need is the holy Shechina to rest amidst your love and revive herself as well from her own journey and descent into her journey into Galus she has spent with you all these years.

Esther and Jonathan, the Redemption Capsule is descending now to lift you up, riding on the ropes of your own personal hope. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, WONWONWON!!!

Lots of love, faith and sacrifice, rebbetzin

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