Hint to Obama about Pollard? Palestinians remind world that prisoner release is lingua franca of the region

IMRA - September 27, 2010

J4JP Prefacing note and Disclaimer

J4JP heartily endorses the notion of the United States making a unilateral gesture to free Jonathan Pollard as a gesture to Israel, which would certainly go a long way to furthering goodwill in advancing the Middle East Peace Process. Pollard has all but completed his 25th year in prison, serving an unlimited

life sentence

for an offense that usually carries a sentence of no more than 2 to 4 years. His release is long overdue. Justice demands it. Diplomacy requires it.

Jonathan Pollard's opposition to gaining his freedom at the expense of more Jewish blood being spilled (by the release of terrorist murderers or by the uprooting of Jews from the Land in any form) is well known. We do not endorse any plan which calls for the release of murderers and terrorists and are even more opposed to the exploitation of Jonathan Pollard as a bargaining chip to facilitate the release of murderers and terrorists.

PA requesting that Israel release dozens of prisoners

JPOST.COM STAFF Sept. 26, 2010


Abbas reportedly asked that jailed Palestinians be released as good will gesture to help talks move forward; Israel yet to respond.

The Palestinian Authority has asked Israel to immediately release dozens of political prisoners incarcerated in Israeli prisons as a good will gesture that will help give peace talks between the sides momentum going forward, Israel Radio reported on Sunday.

Mounir Mansour, the head of the Palestinian Prisoners Committee, said that Israel has yet to respond.