Vigil 9000 Ends with Esther Pollard Appeal to Pres. Obama and PM Netanyahu

Justice4JPnews - July 15, 2010

In a wrap-up speech at Vigil 9000, ending the 3-day event marking Jonathan Pollard's

9000 days in prison

, Esther Pollard used the opportunity to appeal to President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Before beginning her appeal to the two leaders, Mrs. Pollard praised and thanked all of the participants who showed up in strength at the marathon event. She said that she and Jonathan were deeply touched by the droves of people who came to show their support. Mrs. Pollard pointed out that because it was an on-going event in a large open plaza, 24 hours a day for 3 days, the endless stream of people pouring in, leaving, returning, and the crowd ebbing and flowing, renewing itself over and over again, was phenomenal!

Mrs. Pollard proudly pointed out that thousands had participated in the "Take-a - photograph-for- Jonathan" event at the site; thousands had written postcards to Jonathan at the write-in tables; and some 25 thousand Pollard prayer cards had been handed out to individuals at the event. In short, public response was overwhelming! Jonathan, she said, was greatly strengthened by the knowledge that so many people care and took the time to come and show support, even despite the blazingly hot temperatures.

In her appeal to President Obama, Mrs. Pollard first noted that the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem had been dimmed the previous night, in solidarity with Jonathan on his 9000th day in captivity. An appeal from the People of Israel to President Obama was then screened upon the Old City Walls urging him to free Jonathan. She read the full text of the appeal that had been projected, as follows:

"Dear President Obama,
As the world's standard bearer for human and civil rights;
As a true believer in freedom and justice for all;
After an unprecedented period of twenty-five years of incarceration;
We, the citizens of Israel, turn to you: Let Jonathan Pollard go!
And then, G-d shall surely bless America!"

(Click here to see photos of the screening on the Old City Walls.)

Mrs. Pollard explained that the appeal from the People of Israel on the Old City Walls was a follow-up to a similar appeal by the People of Israel last week, which ran as full page ads in the pages of Roll Call and Politico, the two prestigious newspapers published on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. She held up a copy of the ad, which boasted a watermark background of the American Flag and the Israeli Flag joined in friendship and solidarity. Mrs. Pollard read the text of the message to the President aloud as she displayed the graphic ad:

"A Message to President Barack Obama from the People of Israel"

"Dear President Obama,

We hope that your visit with PM Benjamin Netanyahu on July 6th 2010, will be an historic date for both our nations; an opportunity to demonstrate what real change meansYour principled signature on Jonathan Pollard's pending clemency papers would be the consummate act of friendship towards the People of Israel.

Mr. President, please send Jonathan Pollard home to Jerusalem, to his wife and to us, the PeopleTwenty five years is a long time. Please send Jonathan home with Mr. Netanyahu now.

With heartfelt thanks,
The People of Israel"

Based on these two appeals, Mrs. Pollard called out President Obama urging him to make this important gesture by releasing Jonathan Pollard and sending him home. She said that there are many reasons, political, social, international, and humanitarian, which make this the right time for a gesture of friendship and conciliation towards the People of Israel.

Mrs. Pollard added that as the wife of Jonathan Pollard, she wanted to add to the appeal of the People of Israel. She noted that while Jonathan is strong emotionally and spiritually, her fears for his physical survival are great. She said that after 25 years in American prisons, including nearly 7 years in solitary confinement in the harshest conditions, Jonathan is in extremely poor health, so much so that she fears for his life. She urged the President to please respond to this appeal from the heart, by responding from the heart and releasing Jonathan now. She offered her thanks along with the thanks and blessings of the People of Israel.

Mrs. Pollard then addressed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. She did her utmost to convey a message of courage and strength to the Prime Minister. She urged Mr. Netanyahu to "Stand strong!" and "Have no fear!" She appealed to him, saying, "Mr. Prime Minister, the People of Israel want Jonathan Pollard home! Stand with us, Mr. Prime Minister, and we will stand with you! Stand with us, and you will have our full support and appreciation!" She reminded Mr. Netanyahu that the Americans need to know that there is an address for Jonathan in Israel, that the Government of Israel accepts responsibility for the release of its agent. She urged Mr. Netanyahu to do the right thing, "The People of Israel strengthens your hand, Mr. Netanyahu! Take responsibility for your agent! Do what is right in the eyes of G-d and Man, and HaShem will surely bless!" Mrs. Pollard declared.

Mrs. Pollard ended her speech expressing hers and Jonathan's sincere thanks to the core organizers of the 3-day event, apologizing in advance for not being able to name every name, but acknowledging that without Nissan GanOr, Asher Mivtzari, Adiel Elya, Yisrael Cohen, Effie Lahav, Lilach Amrusi, Adi and Tzippi Ginsburg, Ora Mivtzari, Hillel Maeir, Shlomi Boxer, Ayelet and a host of other devoted and dedicated volunteers, this event would never have happened!

J4JP and The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home want to add our thanks and blessings to all who attended, supported, assisted, and volunteered, for making Vigil 9000 such a success! We thank all those who continue to work and pray for the speedy release of Jonathan Pollard.