Esther Pollard to speak at 6 PM

Justice4JPnews - July 12, 2010

Day One off to a great start!

Throughout the day and the evening, thousands of people arrived on foot, in private cars and busloads from all over the country.

The crowd ebbed and flowed in Gesher HaMeitarim Plaza and kept renewing itself in spite of the heat of the day ( a record-breaking scorcher!)

Esther Pollard spoke at 5:30 in Hebrew and English, and again at 6 PM in Hebrew.

Many other great speakers spoke throughout the day and evening.

Among them, HaRav Shmuel Eliyahu, HaRav Shlomo Aviner, and Hagai Ben Artzi.

Videographer Shlomi Boxer of Boxerbros Productions was there to record highlights of the event for those who couldn't make it.

Tomorrow busloads are expected from the Golan, from the South and from Shderot.

Lots more speakers all day. Esther Pollard at 6:00 PM

Please come and fill out a postcard to Jonathan!

Come have your photograph taken to send to Jonathan!

Or just come join hearts and hands with us in solidarity as Jonathan Pollard marks his 9000th day in prison, on our behalf.

For those who don't already know, you will find us at the Strings Bridge Plaza (Gesher HaMeitarim) at the entrance to Jerusalem.

You can't miss us. Just look for all the "We want Pollard Home!" posters!

Justice4JP and The Committee To Bring Jonathan Pollard Home