Pollard 3-Day Vigil to Mark 9,000 Days in Captivity

Justice4JPnews - July 4, 2010

J4JP and The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home
announces a 3 day vigil for Jonathan Pollard, starting July 12th

July 12th Pollard marks 9,000 days as Prisoner of Zion in America

Join the Marathon of Solidarity to Save Jonathan Pollard

July 12th, 13th and 14th
1st, 2nd, and 3rd of Av
All day and night every day at

Gesher Ha'Meitarim ("Bridge of Strings") Plaza, Jerusalem

"For 25 years I have been slowly bleeding to death before the eyes of all Israel..."
(from a letter written by Jonathan Pollard)

Jonathan cries out to us from prison urging us to unite in our efforts to save him.

We are our brother Jonathan's keeper!

After 9,000 days in prison, it is time for Jonathan to hear us raise our voices in unison and demand of the Prime Minister:

Stop the Abandonment! Stop ignoring your duty! Take responsibility! Act to bring Jonathan Pollard Home NOW!

Take part in Vigil 9000 to save Jonathan Pollard.

The 3-day marathon of activities at Gesher Ha'Meitarim will include:

  • Protest rally, briefings, lectures and discussions with Esther Pollard, Prisoners of Zion, former captives, bereaved families, families of captives, artists, public figures and educators.
  • A non-stop vigil on the bridge.
  • Writing and sending 9,000 letters of support to Jonathan.
  • Photographing 9,000 people holding signs expressing solidarity with Jonathan.
  • Jonathan Pollard T-shirts and stickers.
  • Viewing non-stop videos on Jonathan.
  • Sign-up for further activities to be a part of our struggle to save Jonathan Pollard.

The success of this event depends on all of us joining in. Please come!
Bring the whole family! Come every day, or come one day! Every friend bring a friend.

If you would like to volunteer to help man the vigil site or to help out in general, please be in touch with us!

To Read or Print this Message in Hebrew:
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For further details:

Adiel: adielya@gmail.com, 052-8109483
Lilach: lilach_amrusi@walla.com, 052-8306912

Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home
www.FreePollard.org, 054-6437218