The Flotilla Fiasco and the Pollard Connection

Justice4JPnews - June 2, 2010

The following letter was sent to Rabbi Lazer Brody in response to the Lazer Beams Blog post about the Flotilla Fiasco entitled "Where Have All the Triumphs Gone?" (See the Blog post.) A copy of the letter was sent to J4JP. With the permission of the author, David Ziklag, we are making this insightful letter available to our readers.

* * *

Dear Rabbi Brody,

If there is anyone who can understand and trace the cosmic underpinnings of the flotilla fashla, it is you. Yes, it has to do with Israel's fear of man, rather than fear of G-d, but there is a specific area in which this manifests itself so blatantly that it screams for our attention and correction!

When Yosaif HaTzadik's brothers found themselves in deep trouble in Eygpt, they did not hesitate to do a little soul-searching and immediately recognized that they had sinned by ignoring their brother Yosaif when he cried out to them from the pit into which they had thrown him.

The great rabbis of this generation (including Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, the greatest Kabbalist alive today) have identified Jonathan Pollard as the Yosaif HaTzadik of our generation. (See statement by Rabbi Eliyahu, shlita.)

As long as Pollard continues to rot in an American prison, largely forgotten by the Jewish People, and while successive governments of Israel try to ignore him to death, we will have no blessing. (See J4JP release "Did You Know?" for details.)

A quote from the above link (article "Did You Know" written by Esther Pollard 3 years ago ) states plainly: "From the time Jonathan was first arrested, the only consistent "plan" Israel has ever had for his release is to bring him home in a coffin. This fact has been confirmed for us over and over again for the last 22 years by various officials and events."

Rabbi Brody, as you have so often stressed, for everything we do in life, from the smallest issue to the largest, we need the blessing of Heaven to succeed. No blessing means no triumphs. No blessing means no victory. No blessing is what keeps Shalit in Gaza. No blessing is what produces disaster after disaster in this country. Unless we wake up, we are headed for even bigger trouble...

You are to be commended for the Pollard tag on your blogspot. It is important to keep waking people up to the fact that we have neglected the mitzvah of pidyan shvuyim for Pollard for 25 years and that HaShem in His kindness has been holding back His divine anger. Yosaif HaTzadik of our generation is crying out to us from the pit, it is time to hear him! At very very least, time for every Yid to daven for Pollard! At very least time for awareness of our responsibilty to Pollard and to Heaven on this issue!

Please keep up the great work you are doing!

David Ziklag