A Miraculous Pollard Tale

Justice4JPnews - April 13, 2010

Two officers of the Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home are en route today to pay a visit to Jonathan Pollard where they plan to share a "miraculous Pollard tale" with him.

They recently heard the story at an American hotel where they spent the Passover Holiday. At the hotel, our Committee members chanced to meet the parents of a young boy with a unique "Pollard tale". When they identified themselves as activists for Jonathan Pollard, this is the story the parents shared with them:

Not so many years ago, their eight year old son was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent all kinds of intensive and invasive treatment. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that the the treatments were not helping and the situation seemed hopeless. The parents had no choice but to begin to accept the very bleak prognosis for their child's survival. At that point, they were contacted by an American organization that works to fulfill the wishes of children who are dying of terminal diseases.

This special organization offered the little boy one "wish". He could ask for anything at all and the organization would use its contacts and formidable resources to make his wish come true. It did not take the little fellow long to decide what he wanted. " My wish is to meet the President of the United States." When asked why, the boy responded, "I want to ask President Bush to save Jonathan Pollard; to let him go."

The "Wish" people were a little taken aback by this unusual request. Apparently they explained that while it would not be difficult to arrange a meeting with the President of the United States, they were not willing to expedite a "political" wish. They turned the little boy down.

Although we cannot say for certain what happened next, here is what we imagine took place.

In Heaven the angels witnessed the little boy's disappointment and wept to see his selfless wish to try to save Jonathan Pollard denied. Without a word, they caught his prayers and lifted them up before Heavenly Throne of Glory in order to present his "wish" personally to the Lord and Master of the Universe.

Standing before The Almighty, the angels pleaded the case for this young boy. They argued that this was surely an open and shut case of "whoever prays for another person when he himself is in need of salvation from Heaven, the one who prays will be answered first." The angels' pleadings, so it appears, saved the day, and saved the little boy as well! He made a miraculous and completely unexpected recovery!

The heroic little boy is now a fine young man. He is healthy and well, cancer-free, and still praying assiduously for Jonathan Pollard's release!

Won't you join him in his prayers? Perhaps we can yet make his wish for Jonathan Pollard come true!

Let us make a unified effort to beseech the Heavens for an immediate redemption and refuah shleimah for Yehonatan HaLevy Ben Malka amongst all of Israel's captives and MIAs; and a refuah shleimah for His Honor HaRav Mordechai (Tzemach ben Mazal)) Eliyahyu, shlita, amongst all of cholei Yisrael. Amain!

May all who pray and need salvation from Heaven for themselves, have their own prayers speedily answered to the good! Amain!