Former MK (HaRav) Chanan Porat's Heart-Rending Appeal for Jonathan Pollard

Justice4JP Release - April 1, 2010

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8 Nissan 5670 (23.3.10)

To the Prime Minister of Israel - Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu
And to the members of the American Lobby for Israel, AIPAC

"Deliver them that face death"

From the depths of my heart, I call out to you: Do not continue to ignore the cry of Jonathan Pollard, who has been deteriorating in a prison in the United States for the past 25 years. Bring Jonathan's cry to the President of the US and to all of the branches of government, so that Jonathan will be released from prison before Passover, and sit as a free man with his wife and family in Israel on the Seder night.

Jonathan Pollard gave his soul to save the State of Israel from critical security threats, and was recognized by Israel as an agent on its behalf. Even assuming that he violated US law, he has paid an unbearable price for 25 years. There is no moral justification for his continued imprisonment, especially in light of his poor health. The US must finally recognize this and free him immediately before he dies in prison.

Redeeming prisoners is a value of the highest order in Jewish tradition, and in the case of Jonathan Pollard this is compounded by our debt of gratitude to him, or, alternatively, our denial of this gratitude if we ignore this debt.

The word of Proverbs (24, 11-12) must stand before us as they pertain to the redemption of prisoners:

Should you become faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small indeed.
Deliver them that face death and those that are ready to be slain.
Will you forbear to rescue? If you say "Behold, we knew not this" does not He who knows all hearts consider it? And He that keeps your soul, does He not know it? And shall not He render to every man according to his deeds?

On these verses the great commentator, Ibn Ezra, says: Should you become faint in the day of your fellow man's adversity and do not save him, your own strength will fail you in your time of need. Should you refrain from saving those who face death in their adversity, saying "We did not know", the Knower of all hearts will understand and see that you did not step forward to save him and will repay a man such as you as per your own deeds, that when you face adversity, you will find no savior."

Please, do not become faint and do not let up. Save Jonathan Pollard and may G-d be at your aid.

With blessings of light and freedom,
And looking forward to redemption,

Chanan Porat