Pollard Hagadah Update

Justice4Pnews - March 16, 2010

Another point of distribution, Moriah Books (near the Kotel) has been added to the list of places where the Freedom for Jonathan Pollard Hagadah can be obtained. It is now available (for a donation of NIS10) at the following locations:

1) The Bookstand at Tachana Merkazit (inside the bus station, near the entrance)
2) Pomerantz Bookseller, 5 Be'eri Street (between King George and Shmuel HaNagid streets in downtown Jlem)
3) Moriah Books, near stairs to the Kotel (40 Misgav Ladach Street in the Old CIty of Jerusalem)

The Hagadahs will soon be available (B"H) at the Gush Katif Museum (near Machane Yehuda) as well.

The names and locations of distributors are updated on the web at http://www.freepollard.net

If you need the name of a distributor in another city, email us at and we will try to locate the closest point of distribution for you.

Today is Rosh Chodesh Nissan, a time of redemption. May the following verse be speedily fulfilled for Jonathan Pollard and all of the MIAs and Captives; for his Honor HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu amongst all of Cholei Yisrael, and for all of Am Yisrael! Amain!

"And those redeemed of HaShem shall return in gladness, with eternal joy upon their heads, jubilation and exaltation shall be their lot, and sadness and tragedy banished." Amain! (Isaiah 35)