A New Year Message From Jonathan and Esther Pollard

Justice4JPnews Update - September 18, 2009

May this year with its trials and tribulations end!
May the new year and its blessings begin!

Jonathan and Esther Pollard

Justice for Jonathan Pollard
The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home

wish all of Israel a year of Redemption and Blessings!

May this year, Tav Sheen Ayin be, as its initials,
A year of "Oz" !
A Powerful Year!

May this be the year that the prayers of all Israel
are speedily answered to the good,
for our beloved rav, HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu, shlita,
for all cholei Yisrael
for Jonathan
and for all of Israel's captives and MIAs

Shana Tova u'Mevurechet!

A Good and Blessed Year to All!