J4JP Welcomes letters to Pollard; Debunks claims of Govt. "efforts"

J4JPnews - May 24, 2009

J4JP enthusiastically supports the call to write to Jonathan Pollard (See article below). Jonathan refers to the letters he receives as his "oxygen". Although he is prevented from responding, he does receive all in-coming mail and he deeply appreciates it.

J4JP rejects the misinformation inherent in the calls being made for the government not to let up on its "efforts to free Pollard" when it is blatantly obvious that there are no efforts being made.

The Dry Bones cartoon featured on the J4JP home page(which depicts Jonathan as crying out for help and the Prime Minister ordering his staff to take action --by slamming the windows shut so Pollard will no longer be heard --) is the most apt description of the Netanyahu government's attitude toward the Israeli agent, now in his 24th year of a life sentence for his service to Israel.

So yes, please, do write to Jonathan. But let's not go creating illusions about Government support or action to save Jonathan Pollard's life, where none exists.

And while we are at it, let's keep the record straight. If anything, Jonathan's situation was made far worse because of PM Netanyahu's exploitation of Jonathan at the 1998 Wye Summit. Netanyahu made a lot of noise at Wye and then abandoned Jonathan to his fate, but only after agreeing to free 750 murderers and terrorists with blood on their hands as 'the price for Pollard'. The terrorists went free, but Jonathan remained in prison. So please stop telling us about how much Bibi did for Jonathan at Wye. Instead, tell us where has Mr. Netanyahu been for the last 11 years since Wye?

For details see the Wye Double-Cross Page. See also: Terror in the US and the Jonathan Pollard Case for a detailed description of what really happened at Wye.

Below is a copy of the article requesting that the public write to Jonathan, including his address. Please do write!

Public Asked to Write to Pollard

Hillel Fendel - Arutz7 News - May 22, 2009

With the relationship between the new governments of Israel and the U.S. still not on a stable footing, and in the face of issues that divide rather than unite them, activists for long-time prisoner Jonathan Pollard ask both the government and citizenry of Israel not to forget him.

"Especially at this time," says Asher Mivtzari, a Gush Katif expellee currently living in Shomeriya, "with Pollard's health constantly worsening, it is critical that the public show him support. Letters, even short ones, are a real boost for him, and can help him get over this next difficult period."

Pollard, who has been in American prison since 1985, was not convicted of treason, but rather of one count of passing classified information to a friendly country - Israel. He is credited with having informed Israel of Iraq's Scud missile plans, enabling Israel to prepare in advance of the dozens of Iraqi attacks in 1991.

A group of university students asked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to raise the matter of Pollard's continued incarceration with U.S. President Barack Obama during the two leaders' recent meeting. The letter noted Netanyahu's efforts on behalf of Pollard in the past, as well as Pollard's poor and declining health.

Gov't and Public are Asked

"Though this may be a difficult period," Mivtzari said, "we ask the government not to let up in its efforts to free Pollard, if only from a humanitarian standpoint. In the meantime, the public should do its share to show him solidarity by writing him letters." Among the medical problems from which Pollard is suffering are rheumatism, symptoms of glaucoma, bile duct attacks, sinusitis with bleeding, high blood pressure and cholestoral, and severe headaches.

Letters, which must be written in English and to which Pollard cannot reply, can be addressed to:

Jonathan Pollard
P.O.Box 1000
Butner, North Carolina
U.S.A. 27509-1000

Zion, Will You Not Cry Out?

Pollard himself has written in the past, "As the medieval Jewish poet Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi has written, 'Zion, will you not cry out for your prisoners?' If Zion does not do so, this is not the problem of the prisoners - but rather of the entire nation dwelling in Zion!