A Rosh HaShana Letter to Jonathan Pollard

Rabbi Nachum Rechel - J4JPnews - October 12, 2008

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J4JP Prefacing Note:

Although Jonathan is not able to respond to the letters he receives (his out-going mail is processed via Washington where it is deliberately "lost", delayed or destroyed) he deeply appreciates receiving mail. Below is a copy of the English translation of a letter that was sent to Jonathan for Rosh HaShana. The author provided copies of both letters (Hebrew and English) to J4JP. Jonathan says receiving mail is oxygen for him. Indeed, the letter below is a breath of fresh air, so we are sharing it with our readers. Everyone is encouraged write to Jonathan as well. His address is: Jonathan Pollard #09185-016, c/o FCI Butner, POB 1000, Butner, North Carolina, USA 27509-1000.

B"H Thursday 11 Elul, 5768
18 September 2008

To our dear brother Jonathan,


My name is Nachum Rechel. I lived in the past in the Atzmona yishuv of Gush Katif, and now I live (with others of my group) in a new settlement called Shomria. I serve as a rabbi in two yeshivas, and sometimes I also dabble in drawing.

I've been thinking for a long time of writing you my thoughts and feelings. But then I said to myself, why should you care what I think when you don't even know who I am? I'm only a tiny cog in a very large wheel of the people who know and care about you. Nevertheless, today I decided to write and I can only hope that my words will be of some avail.

I have read and heard about you many times over the long period that you are still not with us in Israel; I have heard about your long incarceration and your suffering. I also heard about the great emunah, faith, with which you live.

In fact, this was one of the reasons I didn't write until now. What can I write to such a great man as you, a true hero of the soul? After all, you certainly don't need my words of encouragement-you are the one who strengthens and supports me and thousands upon thousands of other Jews in the world!

Frequently I think about you and what you are going through. I feel that every minute, you assume the role of a public emissary (shaliach) of the entire Nation of Israel (Am Yisrael). There is no private life with you. Your entire life is dedicated to the entire Jewish nation. You are linked to the nation and this is a very high spiritual level. Would only I could merit that level!

They say that G-d feeds the entire world on behalf of the merit of the suffering of certain people. These people are not always aware of this. I think that you are one of them.

When you suffer, perhaps you become bitter with the knowledge of the terrible injustice done to you. But know, brother Jonathan, that every day that passes is noted in the Heavens in a very prominent place. By virtue of your suffering, great salvation comes down to the world to many men, women and children. And when the time comes after a hundred and twenty years and you ascend to the Heavens, you will be shown all the great things that were done in the world because of you and you will stand, thunderstruck, at the great merits that you have accrued. And then you will think: If only I had known when I was in jail, how great and important those years were to the Heavens-I would have been happy.

I truly feel that you are my brother, a kindred spirit; and I honor and admire you very much.

My wishes to you for a happy New Year, a year of redemption and salvation, a year of freedom and joy.

With friendship and love,

Your brother
Nachum Rechel

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